Restaurant Shelving

  1. Proper Shelving Crucial for Food Safety

    Proper Shelving Crucial for Food Safety

    Restaurant shelving. You might not think about it once you’ve installed it, but it’s necessary for health reasons to get the products stacked on those shelves correct. How many times have you heard about health violations stemming from the inability to put items on shelves?

    For example, there is a Mexican restaurant in San Antonio this week which had blood drops from raw meat land on the tortillas. There was also blood on raw, prepared potatoes. These offenses and more caused the owners of the restaurant to stay up all night to fix the problem.


    Think about your home kitchen. Was it yesterday or the day before that you put that lasagna away? Food labeling becomes even more crucial in the restaurant setting because there are more people involved. Mark the date on every container.


    As we found out from the Mexican restaurant, meat can sometimes drip blood, and if it’s kept high on the restaurant shelving, it will get all over everywhere. This can be a problem for some places, so keep it lower on the shelves.


    One of the biggest troubles with restaurant shelving is that restaurants will stack their shelves too high or overload them past their capacity. Even though the shelves themselves are very sturdy, there are limits. Try not to let your restaurant get crazy… just get more restaurant shelving.

    Keeping the items organized on restaurant shelving is absolutely crucial for passing health inspections and keeping restaurants running smoothly. What tips do you have for keeping your restaurant in line?

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  2. Scrub your Shelves

    Scrub your Shelves

    When was the last time that your restaurant shelving was cleaned? It’s advised that it’s cleaned at least once a month, and then as needed in case there are spills. Cleaning restaurant shelving only takes a little bit of time, but it keeps the attention of the health inspectors at bay.

    To clean restaurant shelving, you won’t need more than a bucket, some sponges, and a bit of detergent. Combine that with elbow grease and an attention to detail and you'll have them shiny again in no time.

    First, clean off your restaurant shelving and place all items to the side. Then, take a wet sponge which has been soaked in a solution with mild detergent and thoroughly wipe down the shelves. Pay special attention as needed to those hard to clean places. Wire shelving may need a small brush to get hard-to-reach areas if there was a spill.

    When satisfied, towel everything dry and put the items back onto the shelves. Since you have everything off anyway, this makes the perfect opportunity to get rid of unnecessary items.

    Cleaning the shelves is quite easy. All it takes is a little elbow grease and you’re ready to go. And you can catch that strange leaking can shoved in the back of your inventory before the health inspector does.

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  3. Independent Convenience Stores Hold Treasure

    Independent Convenience Stores Hold Treasure

    Once upon a time, there were a lot more individual convenience stores. These would have gas and treats, but the makeup of the store was anyone’s guess. It was a pleasure to rifle through the row upon row of display refrigerators, finding just that one obscure soda that nobody else in the city had.

    We’ve made our way to chain convenience stores now where everybody gets the same brand of display refrigerators, and there are no crazy things hiding in the back, no obscure items that the owner just wanted to try on a whim. It’s all regulated now, we could say. There are still some holdouts, however.

    So, as you’re driving along and you notice this little rustic mom and pop convenience store, take a moment to stop in and investigate. You might be treated to the owner’s love of pickled pig’s feet and pork rinds. You might also find that they have an extensive supply of soda that isn’t necessarily run of the mill.

    There’s really no telling. What we can tell you, though, is that these convenience stores and gas stations are some of the things which make up the heartland of America, the ‘something special’ that makes traveling to a place so wonderful.

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  4. No Food Truck? What About a Kiosk?

    No Food Truck? What About a Kiosk?

    Making an impression on people is becoming more and more difficult these days.  They have already been exposed to the bigger better deal a thousand times over.  One of the ways to stand out, however, is to create your own cobranding kiosk in a completely unlikely place.

    Cobranding efforts have worked for years for different places.  Right now, for instance, the Taco Bell locations serve Cinnabon products.  There is also the partnership between Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts.  But, putting those aside and taking into account the trend of pop-up restaurants and soda stands, a kiosk might be the best option.

    Sometimes food trucks just doesn’t cut it.  After all, you can’t fit your food truck inside a building unless you’re selling the truck (do they still do those crazy ‘touch this car’ contests?).  The 10 food kiosk might be the thing.  Officially, it’s called the Vollrath 75675W 10’ V-Class Custom Merchandising Cart With Wood Composite Material, but we just call it a little slice of the heaven that is your restaurant.

    Where can you put one of these mobile carts?

    • At the mall
    • In the theater
    • At a convention
    • At small Carnivals
    • High school football games

    Basically, any place where you can think of having a presence, you can put this 10 foot cart. Renaissance faires?  Who knows?  You’ve just got to ask. It’s an extension of you and your brand, so you can get it wrapped like a vehicle and go on the road.

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