Commercial Ice Makers

  1. ADA Compliance and Why It's Important for Ice Machines


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    Ice machines can come in many heights, depending on how much ice it can produce in a day. The general rule is that the more ice that it produces, the bigger it is, because it has to have a larger compressor to accommodate the larger volume. What about ice machines which are specifically created to cater to those in wheelchairs and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act?

    ADA machines are usually undercounter machines. They are large enough to produce a hundred pounds or more a day of ice, but they’re engineered to be easy to access and clean. For example, the Follett 7UD100A ADA 125 pound 14.5” wide air cooled nugget style ice maker and water dispenser (say that all in one breath! ) made so that individuals, regardless of their height, could have ice and water on demand.

    The ADA machine can store up to 7 pounds of ice which is more than enough for residential use, or perhaps for use as a college dorm room ice machine. You can have several pounds of chewblet ice on demand throughout the day. The exterior is easy to clean, being crafted out of stainless steel.

    In addition to being safer, easier to access, and clean, ADA compliant machines also typically have ice on demand using the push of a button.

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  2. Five Fun Cocktails to Enjoy this Summer - TGIF!

    Welcome to TGIF! Every Friday, we will post something fun from the wonderful world of cocktails It's finally hot outside. Celebrate with the type of drinks which are perfect for patio season. We are talking frozen drinks of course. Although they were out of style for a while, 'ironic' frozen tiki style drinks are making a come back. The more elaborate and quirky, the better. Here are five of our favorites to wow your customers with during the hot summer months ahead:

    frozen white russian

    Simple and yummy! And for the Big Lebowski generation - definitely ironic. Combine Milk, Kailua and Vodka with ice. And you're done!

    frozen chili mango margarita

    Margaritas are pretty standard - but spicy margaritas offer a fun twist and are perfect for the summer months! Fresh mango puree, a little bit of chili paste (adjusted to your heat preference), agave syrup, tequila, and ice is all you need for this - plus a nice chili/salt garnish of course.

    frozen sangria

    Frozen sangria? Yes please. Combining two summer classics is a sure crowd pleaser. Use fruit sorbet, your choice of red wine, and garnish with berries. Simple and fun!

    frozen jack daniels

    Frozen Jack Daniels slashes are a fun way to riff off a popular bar drink. Jack Daniels, coke, and ice is all you need. Add a lime garnish if you're feeling fancy. <br> <br>

    frozen orange julio

    Frozen Orange Julio with a twist. Make a more sophisticated version of this classic when you combine Gin, Aperol, Orange Juice, and ice. A little less sweet and a little more complex than your standard daiquiri!

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  3. Thinking about starting a food truck? Here's what you should know


    So, you have a great restaurant concept, but you want to start a bit smaller than a brick and mortar store. Food trucks have been growing in popularity as more social media savvy consumers utilize Twitter and Facebook to follow their mobile food stations and find gourmet meals at great price points. However, there is still a lot that goes into a food truck operations. Here's what you should know:

    1/ Commissary, commissary, commissary. Even though you may be a mobile operation, you still have to practice strict food safety guidelines when working with the general public. You will need a commercial grade kitchen with current grade health inspections in order to operate your truck. Instead of opening your own, find a local one willing to rent out space. Most commissaries are in large warehouses and will welcome the additional business!

    2/ Equipment, equipment, equipment. Although you can find a decent food truck second hand, make sure your equipment is top of the line. Especially in the summer months - and heat - you'll want an AC system and ice machines that can stand up to a large lunch rush. Your customers - and staff! will thank you for thinking in advance, and by planning early on, you can avoid gaining a bad reputation when faulty equipment breaks in the middle of a busy lunch rush. Equally important: a small heating device, open flame, and dishwasher. Everything must be scaleable and custom, so shop with us and secure the best possible equipment at the best price.

    3/ Location, location, location. Where to go? Where the crowds are is an obvious answer, but there is more to a good location then simple volume. Make sure you have the proper permits and also that you are in an area known for its foodie scene. Food trucks thrive together - but if there's another grilled cheese truck in the park, consider going elsewhere. Fairs, festivals, and even food truck specific events are also great spaces for high traffic and exposure. If your town or city has an arts scene, or a sports stadium, consider looking into permitting to park outside before or after a big event. A large venue will draw in a big crowd!

    4/ Marketing, marketing, marketing. Letting people know WHO you are is important for any restaurant, but letting them know WHERE you are is equally important as a mobile food truck! Keep your customers up to date via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Make sure your social media info is updated regularly and displayed prominently on your truck and marketing paperwork. It can be a fun to be elusive, but it's better to keep folks in the know, and if you develop a fan base, they will find you given the proper tools!

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  4. The Manitowoc for your Hotel Floor

    The Manitowoc for your Hotel Floor

    The Manitowoc ice maker brand is synonymous with quality and style. Look for the trademark snowflake on the label, and you can’t go wrong. If you’re in need of a hotel ice machine, the Manitowoc IY-0454A with ice dispenser will really help out your operations.

    Long ago, guests at hotels would have to ask the kitchen to send them ice, and the price of that ice would be charged to the room. Sometimes, for just a bucket, patrons would be charged insane amounts.

    We’re thankful that times have changed. Now, you can have an ice machine on every floor, allowing your workers to devote more of their time to the guests instead of running ice to patrons.

    The Manitowoc IY-0454A + SFA-291 really delivers

    This combination of ice and hotel dispenser is one of the standards in hotel ice machines. The display readout is very easy to read so that those who are maintaining the floors can tell at a glance how the ice machine is doing.

    Not only that, but the machine and exterior are easy to clean with its stainless steel frame. A quick swipe with the towel and you’re all set to go. The water spout makes the machine more versatile.

    If you’re wanting to save some money on your bills, installing this machine will help out. It produces up to 450 pounds of half cubes daily and it’s ENERGY STAR certified. Perfect for guests, perfect for hoteliers.

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  5. Ditch the Noisy Hotel Ice Machine

    Ditch the Noisy Hotel Ice Machine

    The worst room you can get in the entire hotel is the one next to the hotel ice machine. Older units are loud, go off at all hours, and can even smell a little bad if they haven’t been cleaned in a while. The biggest complaint is the noise they make cooling and dispensing cubes.

    Modern units are much smaller and can fit in more places than older units. Take the Manitowoc SPA-160 as an example. This unit has a tiny 22” width, smaller than many soda machines, while still holding 120 pounds of ice. Its small size allows it to fit wherever you can find a drain line. It also looks sharp with its stainless steel exterior.

    Cleaning this unit is a breeze too. You might not even have to pull it out depending on the model. Just open the unit, perform the cleaning procedure, and everything is good to go again for the next guest’s bucket.

    These simple machines are a vital part of any hotel’s operation. Guests need ice for many things, from keeping drinks cool to making an ice pack if they get hurt on the site. Don’t stick with an old and loud machine if you don’t have to. Pick up a smaller, quieter, and more attractive machine today.

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  6. Maintaining Your Commercial Ice Machine Without Mechanical Knowledge

    Maintaining Your Commercial Ice Machine Without Mechanical Knowledge

    Your restaurant ice machine tirelessly works in the background, churning out pound upon pound of ice to your servers, bartenders, and staff.  If you’ve got no mechanical aptitude, what are the three biggest things that you can do to help keep it running?

    Read the manual

    The single most important thing that you can do to help the function of any mechanical item like a commercial ice machine is to read the owner’s manual.  Here, you can find operational parameters for the machine as well as recommended maintenance schedules and other useful items.  This is the lifeline to the machine, and should be read from cover to cover.


    Look at the machine.  Take in the sounds and the meter readings.  Are these readings coming out a little high?  Is the machine making sounds that you’ve never heard before?  Is it sounding a little clunky when it’s dumping ice, or is the ice that your ice machine is producing not up to par?  That might be the indication that there’s a problem brewing… you might want to schedule a service appointment.


    After you’ve read your manual, you’ve got a good idea of the cleaning substances that you can use for your commercial ice machine.  It’s time to put in the elbow grease and get the inside of your ice machine bin cleaned out and sanitized.  With a sanitized bin, you’re preventing all types of nasties from getting a hold of your ice machine.

    While we do understand that the owner’s manual for ice machines are boring, it helps to have a good understanding of how the machine runs so that you can observe it and clean it.  These three tips will help you get far.

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  7. The GEMU090 Makes the Perfect Home Ice Machine

    The GEMU090 Makes the Perfect Home Ice Machine

    Having your own home ice machine is like winning the lottery for wonderful, crunchable, beautiful ice.  Just fill up a glass with ice from the Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 Pearl Ice Machine, and you’ll never again think of using those lame crescent ice cubes that come standard with many refrigerators.

    Yeah, we’re hyping it up just a little bit, but seriously, this ice is the bomb.  It’s hospital ice without having to break your arm, or Sonic ice without having to leave the confines of your beautifully appointed estate.  Crunchy, cool, and fun. Before tasting this, which is made with Ice-O-Matic's Pure Ice technology, you might be a bit unconvinced. Just try it. You'll see.

    This is the undercounter ice machine that will easily complement any bar setup that you have.  Who wants to run to the store or get the cruddy freezer-flavored crescent ice?  I know that I don’t.  These excellent little ice machines will fit anywhere that you want, and produce enough ice that will keep everyone crunching away.

    It even has a 22 pound ice storage capacity, perfectly suited for those parties that you're going to throw in celebration.  85 pounds of ice is more than enough production for one day in a home.  That capacity will make you the star of any show.

    So, if you’re thinking about having your home ice machine be the star of the show, consider the Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 machine.  Crunchy, wonderful ice.

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  8. Your Ice Might Not Be as Safe as You Think

    Your Ice Might Not Be as Safe as You Think

    Ice Cubes Stacked  The next time you go to your favorite restaurant, see if you can catch a glimpse of their ice machine. How is the wait staff handling the ice? Does it look like it’s seen a little time on the set of a horror movie? The ice in the machine has the potential to make you sick.

    This isn’t to say that you should avoid all ice. Frankly, I love a super-sweet slushy from the corner store every now and then. I’m just saying that creepy crawlies do find their way into ice machines when they get turned off for any period of time.

    If you’re working with ice and commercial ice machines all day, there are three things that you can do which will have a HUGE impact on reducing the bacteria, virus, and mold levels in your ice.

    Wash your hands

    Washing your hands seems like a no-brainer, but there are still people in the food service industry who don’t do it. Our hands are giant bacteria collectors. Not washing properly passes those bugs along.

    Clean the Bin

    While mold and mildew don’t grow like gangbusters when it’s colder, it still grows. Those bins should get cleaned out as often as possible just to make sure that the ice is being stored in a safe place. For smaller operations, you could also have a combination commercial ice machine and dispenser.

    Disinfect the Machine

    Some of the higher end commercial ice machines have a self-diagnostic cleaning mode which cleans and disinfects the machine to prepare it for the coming day. If yours happens to have this feature, use it as often as possible to keep the lines clear of debris and contaminants.

    Most people have a high tolerance for bacteria, and the effects of contaminated ice from a commercial ice machine might only go so far as an upset stomach. Under the right circumstances with the right tummies, though, there can be more severe side effects. I just wouldn’t want to take the chance.

    If you’ve ever gotten sick from contaminated ice, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

    Thanks go out to David Smith on Flickr for the Creative Commons use of his photo.

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