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Carrot Cakes at the Local Diner

As Guy Fieri can attest, there’s nothing that beats a good local diner. Every diner has its own unique character, charm, and specialties, but we have to admit that we love seeing diners which specialize in cakes and pies. Seeing a True deli case stuffed with delicious ‘mile high’ cakes is an out of this world experience.

We recently escaped from the office to head over to one of these diners. Cakes and pies filled the True deli case to the point of near overflowing. The cakes inside weren’t tiny, either. These were practically eight inches high, handily filling the to-go container.

Carrot cake. That’s a weakness. This carrot cake was the moistest possible (even after a day or two of resting in the fridge), with a cream cheese frosting layer that must have been almost an inch thick. Layer upon layer of goodness could be found in this cake.

For those of you out there who are watching your calorie counts, the slice of cake that we had was through the roof. It was SO worth it. Here are some recipes so that you can stock your own deli case if you’re far away from the diner.

Carrot cake from Food Network

Carrot cake from Epicurious

Carrot cake from Betty Crocker

Diners and cake go hand in hand like… well, we’ll let you put in the analogy. We hope that wherever you are, you have a fantastic diner so that you can get your ‘cake’ on.

2016-01-20 00:00:00
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