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Candy Slicers make Fudge Easy

Candy making is a very fine art. It’s much more difficult to manipulate sugar than the people on the cooking shows let on. Depending on the temperature of the final mixture, sugar behaves in different ways. It can turn into sticky balls, hard candy, smoky caramels, and much more. You can beat air into it and turn it into fondant, or put a stick in there and make lollipops.

One of the trickiest parts of working with sugar is cutting it. It sticks to everything. There are tricks you can do, like oiling your knife, but that can leave an unwanted residue. You have to work very quickly and precisely. Cut too soon and the mix will flow back into itself. Cut too late and it’ll be too hard to cut.

Professional confectioners have a variety of special tools to help them get those perfect cuts. One of these is the Matfer mini guitar candy slicer. This machine is great for cutting out sticks of candy or fudge from a big block. Think of it like a cheese slicer on steroids. Just put the block of candy on the slicer and pull the lever down. Little wires will slide through the block to separate the candies. Our model can hold a block of candy 17.5” by 13.125”, which is quite a lot of candy!

Don’t waste time trying to cut a big block of fudge with a knife. Do it in one go with the Matfer mini guitar candy slicer.

2015-04-25 00:00:00
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