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Campbell's May Change Soup Recipe?

There are rumors floating around that Campbell’s Soup company is going to be changing the recipe for their chicken noodle soup. They are actually only changing the recipe for the kid’s soup that they offer. These are with the Star Wars soup and the Frozen Shaped Pasta with Chicken in Chicken Broth. So, there will still be soup on the restaurant silverware.

One of the biggest changes to the soups are in the simplification of the ingredients. They are taking out some of the artificial ingredients as well as some of the other things which might not be considered natural within the soup. They say, “we’re talking, thinking, and acting differently about the food we make.”

Campbell’s wants to make an impact on the world by offering healthier alternatives to the kids. They “believe these actions will strengthen our relationships with loyal consumers, rekindle the connection with people who have long loved our brands but may have found alternatives and establish new connections with new generations of consumers.” It sounds like the famed soup company is looking for a restart or a revamp of their products.

What will happen later, though? Do you think that the revered company will start creating products that turn away their base? Are you going to start using your restaurant silverware for other types of soups than Campbell’s because of their changes?

2015-11-21 00:00:00
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