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Butternut Squash is Best with a Robot Coupe Blixer

The Robot coupe Blixer was made for the winter months. There are so many tasty treats that you can make with the Blixer that we’re not able to list them out here, but rest assured that if you can blend it, the Robot Coupe can take it. We’ve been dreaming of a butternut squashy new year this week.

A rich, creamy butternut squash soup is simple to make, yet will please your guests immensely. It takes a little squash, butter, heavy cream, and brown sugar. From there, you have a sweet, sweet mixture that all of your diners will love. We’re thinking about blending up a batch from this recipe posted in the Cleveland paper over the next few days.

While that was a traditional recipe for squash soup, you’re more than welcome to add some Indian spices to the mix to give it a little more spice and savory twist. Here’s one recipe that you can use the Robot coupe for, where you’re also adding ginger, coriander, turmeric, and more. There is less emphasis on the heavy cream and more on the flavor. This one’s from Detroit.

Traveling south to San Antonio, you can spice up your squash soup by diving into some kabocha squash and putting in some potatoes to the mix. Add some lemons, celery, and cilantro and you have a fresh soup that your patrons are sure to love.

The Robot Coupe Blixer is versatile and can blend many ingredients into soups, stews, and delights that will please your guests.

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