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The Brilliance of Portable Food Warmers

One issue faced in institutional cooking is the need to keep food warm while the other meals are being prepared to go on the cart.  Preparing meals for an entire floor of patients, no matter how many people you have on staff, still takes time. Dishes will get cold. Enter the food warmer.

Food warmers are great for storing the foods in the kitchen, but what about when they get to the floor? That’s where the portable food warmer comes in.  Instead of getting cold waiting for the assistant to deliver lunch in a huge building, food stays nice and warm within the banquet cart.

The most common place to find them are in hospitals, but portable food warmers can be seen everywhere. You can find them in churches for large events. They are also crucial for caterers.

Some warmers come in the form of a cart, and this is the most common type. Yet there is another time that is used in the back of the house. Special plate warmers can keep foods and plates just warm enough to maintain temperature for serving without cooking the food further. Just laying the plate on the warmer keeps it fresh until the rest of the meal is ready.

While they are not as portable, some of the food warmers that you can find are in fast food and buffet settings.  They can be seen warming the fries or at the buffets. This allows these restaurants to cook and store large amounts of food at an agreeable temperature.

Keeping food warm has been a challenge for cooks and restauranteurs, but as long as there are food warmers there’s a solution. Check out our line of food warmers for your next restaurant build or catering business.

2014-10-25 00:00:00
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