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Bread Baking Equipment at Restaurant Supply

The biggest difference, at least some folks claim, between a conventional commercial oven and convection ovens is the ability to cook breads and pastries. Commercial steamer ovens, quite simply, are able to produce a crusty top for your standard Cuban and French breads, where the convection oven gives those breads an all-around cook.

Bread making is an art. While there are automated processes which can go into the creation of a great loaf of bread, there is still that moment when hands must touch the bread, the right yeast must be coaxed, and the right touch must be had. For some, steam injection makes it really happen.

When you’re looking at the bread making, the place to really start is with the mixer. While the master breadmaker might think about doing a lot of it by hand, it’s so much easier to use a mixer which can determine the consistency and viscosity of the dough which is being used.

We have plenty of baker’s toys at Restaurant Supply, toys which yield great results for those who are able to use them. At its heart, bread is a mixture of flour, water, and yeast, but there is often so much more.

What types of bread are you baking in your commercial ovens? Are you working on cakes, or do you prefer to bake some baguettes?

2016-01-29 00:00:00
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