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Have You Had a Bomb Shot Party?

Don’t know what to do for your next party? We have an idea: make a ‘bomb shelter’ where your beers and your liquors can make crazy alcoholic bombs for your patrons.  We’ve got the bomb shot glasses if you’ve got the booze.

Bomb shot glasses have two sections.  Basically, they’re highball glasses with the shot glass already inside the glass so you don’t end up hitting your nose or your teeth when drinking the bomb.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, here are some recipes.

Sake Bomb

I love going to the Japanese restaurant down the road because they have cheap sushi and a great attitude.  They also have sake bombs.  While they would quite often be far more experimental than what’s listed here, they were definitely a popular hit.

1 shot sake, balanced on chopsticks over the glass

½ pint Japanese beer of any sort.

Skittles Bomb

Skittles are notorious or making my teeth hurt, but with this bomb you can get all the effects of a bag of Skittles without the jaw-cramping evil.  Just put this into the shot glass designed for the bomb and you’re good.

Cointreau on the inside

Red Bull on the outside


I can’t tell you how many mornings that I’ve woken up with an empty bottle of Jagermeister and the distinct impression that only the guy at the gas station knew what I did.  Well, that happens when every Jager is introduced to the mix.

Jagermeister on the inside

Red Bull on the outside

Irish Car Bomb

What article about bombs would be complete without the mentioning of an Irish car bomb?  The taste is exquisite, and, if you’re a drinker, you should try it at least once in your life.

½ Bailey’s in the inside

½ Jameson Irish Whiskey in the inside

Guinness on the outside

Vegas Bomb

I’ve never had this one, but it sounds like it might be fun to try.  I’m thinking that the butterscotch liqueur would sweeten out the Crown Royal and make it all a party in my mouth.

½ Crown Royal on the inside

½ Butterscotch liqueur on the inside

Red Bull on the outside

The drink itself has a ranking of 8.9 out of 10 at  I’m willing to give it a shot the next time that I’ve got the ingredients. Buy some bomb glasses and give them a try for your next party.

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