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Blodgett Ovens are Quality-Built

Quality. That’s a buzzword that you see in nearly every commercial that you see. It’s bandied about like something having quality is nothing special anymore. When you combine quality with longevity, however, you know that the product that you’re buying will stand out above the rest.

Blodgett ovens are designed to stand out above the rest. They have that longevity that many other oven companies don’t have. Here are some of the other things which happened in the year that the first Blodgett oven was created by Gardner S. Blodgett.

  • The California Gold Rush begins as James Marshall finds gold at Sutter’s Mill.
  • Wisconsin is admitted as the 30th US state.
  • The Mexican-American war ends, allowing California to be a possession of the United States.
  • James K. Polk is president.

The year was 1848, and Gardner S. Blodgett was asked to create an oven for the fine people in a local tavern in Vermont. The popularity of the oven grew, and now the Blodgett name can be seen worldwide and in kitchens everywhere.

The commitment that Blodgett has to their mission of providing great cooking equipment has not changed since their inception. These guys set out to build some of the best ovens in the world. And they have.

Sourced from: The Blodgett About Page, accessed August 30, 2015

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