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Black Bean Soup Recipes

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, all of us here hope that you had a fantastic Valentine’s Day celebration this past weekend. It’s time to put away the American Metalcraft mini fondue pots and get back to the business of making warm foods for yourselves and your patrons.

For us here at Restaurant Supply, there’s nothing here that’s warmer than a giant stock pot of black bean soup. With the antioxidants and creaminess that you can get from black bean soup, it’s hard to beat it on these colder days.

Now, the thing that really tops off a great bowl of black bean soup is the sour cream and the cilantro. That adds that little bit of pizzazz to an otherwise smooth dish.

The recipe for black bean soup from calls for a little carrot and celery to be added into the mix. There is also a touch (2 tbsp) of lime juice in there. Here are the preparation instructions.

The Pioneer Woman has a little different take on black bean soup. She leans a lot more heavily on the bell peppers, takes out the carrots and the celery, and adds some tortilla strips on top. We can only imagine how tasty and savory this turns out.

Let’s take a look at this vegan recipe from Allrecipes. The biggest change to the ingredient list is that instead of putting chicken broth in, you’re putting vegetable broth. The carrots, onion, and celery are back, and there’s the addition of a cup of corn. The recipe calls for canned beans, for those who don’t want to spend their time soaking, too.

Making the soups, stews, and chilis is perfect for this time of year, right after Valentine’s Day. Add something different to the lives of your patrons by adding a special menu and experimenting. You’ve already got most of the ingredients on hand, right?

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