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Beware of Shigella!

Do you know what’s in your food? There are many more bacteria out there than your standard salmonella. So, before you put your fresh veggies into your True deli case or True worktop refrigerator for making salads, be aware that you might get more than you bargained for. There could be shigella.

Shigella is one of those bacteria which is passed on through direct human contact. And, while some people have a natural immunity toward this sickness, there is still no vaccine. The best way to severely reduce transmission of the shigella bacteria to your patrons is to make sure that everyone who is touching food is washing their hands.

Shigella essentially attacks the digestive system, causing diarrhea, vomiting, and severe abdominal pain. It causes such dehydration that there have been many cases where people have been put into the intensive care unit. It’s not something to play with, and remains as a huge reason to wash your hands while handling food.

93 people in a California restaurant were infected within the past week, and there are at least 500,000 cases of shigella reported every year. Fortunately, with such an easy way to prevent an outbreak, shigella isn’t heard about all too often.

2015-10-28 00:00:00
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