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Best Practices for Restaurant Lighting

Did you know there is a best practice for restaurant lighting? Similar to choosing the right lighting and placement for your home, there are recommended guidelines for restaurant lighting. Sometimes it’s based off of the atmosphere the owner wants to accomplish. Other times it’s based off of the time of day and the meals being served. It can also be a mixture of both.

While the aesthetics of the lighting is an important aspect, functionality is of higher importance. This means putting the needs of the workers and customers before decorative purposes. Some of the most common choices include track lighting, recessed lighting, utility lighting, wall lighting, pendants, chandeliers, and ceiling fans.

  • Track lighting is a beneficial way to illuminate the majority of the restaurant space. The lighting attached to the track can be pointed in all directions, which is helpful for illuminating the tables, the bar and the lobby all at once.
  • Recessed lighting is typically used in a location that doesn’t need to highlight anything in particular. This general lighting can be found in a location like behind the register.
  • Utility lighting is specifically for areas of high function, such as the kitchen. This task lighting is responsible for illuminating the entire room, which usually consists of many cleaning and preparation stations.
  • Wall lighting is ideal for eye level needs, such as eating and drinking at the table. They’re also commonly used for highlighting the decor on the walls.
  • Pendants can serve as a decorative element, but they’re also a source of overhead lighting for reading menus, enjoying the meal and engaging with others at the table or bar.
  • Chandeliers are more for achieving a specific feel, usually symbolizing elegance. Popular locations include the entrance and the main dining areas.
  • Ceiling fans provide a combination of light and air circulation. These can be utilized inside and on dining patios.

Lighting plays an important role in a restaurant. Take advantage of the different types of lighting to make the most out of the atmosphere.

Author: Frank Capasso of Valley Lighting & Home Decor.

2017-06-15 00:00:00
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