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Benefits of Providing Employee Meals

Portrait of 2 restaurant workers

There are very few, if any other businesses that view staff meals as not only a benefit, but rather a necessity. Labor laws do not mandate that restauranteurs provider meals for their staff, only that time is allowed for a meal to be consumed. If you choose however to create a wonderful culture in your business and give sustenance for your employees it will be well worth your while. Over the course of years, chefs/manager/owner have expressed very mixed feelings about providing meals for their employees. Recently, there has been a movement that shows a restaurants commitment to growing their internal community and building a “family” or team building opportunity. These meals allow the opportunity to inspire and build stronger relationships and can reference the term,”breaking bread.”

Rather than throwing away overripe produce, day old fish and meat why not offering a daily family meal for everyone on your staff. Lend your staff your true appreciation and offer either a staff a lunch or dinner. Dedicated a shelf in your walk-in to your staff meal, and fill this shelf with leftover ingredients at the end of each day. Although these items placed on the shelf may not be worthy of your customers, they will be absolutely delectable to your staff.

It may not seem like offering a free meal is worth your time/effort but, there are definite perks when putting your employees needs/wants first. Not only will you be able to allow your cooks the opportunity to create new and fresh ideas but, it will reduce your food cost and operate a more sustainable restaurant.

Recent studies have shown that even if you offer your employees general benefits, when extend ing those benefits a free meal your employees productivity is likely to skyrocket. They will feel more focused, happier and are much more likely to stay with the company and recommend the company to a perspective employee. As such restaurants who make it a priority to feed their employees demonstrate that they care about those working for them and many have seen that the best way to an employee's heart is through their stomachs.

Not only will a complimentary lunch/dinner uplift your internal customers but, it will also make sure that they are ready for their shift. They are not thinking about how hungry they are, if they will have time to eat and whether or not they will be allowed to order food from the line.

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