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Behold the Awesome Corn Dog

Corn dogs are amazing. In some cases, they are the best food in the world, wrapping a version of cornbread batter right around a hot dog, then putting it on a stick. What it creates is a masterpiece – a portable and delicious food item that’s tasty for both college students and businesspeople alike.

When we were younger, I had a friend who worked at a corn dog store. They sold corn dogs and lemonade. I used to hang out with my friend, watching him put batch after batch of corn dogs into the deep fryer. I’m not sure whether it was a Star Deep Fryer, but I do know that it did the job.

I got to witness nearly every part of the process. The batter was crafted from a secret recipe handed down from the owner’s mother. The sticks were inserted by hand into the hot dogs – something which I did while my friend and I were talking on slow days.

There was even the corn dog batter twirl. This is the secret to making a perfect corn dog. If you’re able to twirl the dog so that the batter catches on it just right, then you have created a perfectly round corn dog shell. He perfected the art of creating corn dogs in his non Star Deep Fryer.

These days, there are restaurants out there who are trying to serve everything. They sometimes forget that there is merit in being able to do one thing extremely well. Like corn dogs.

2015-09-09 00:00:00
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