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BBQ for the Summer


Brisket from Bear's Smokehouse BBQ

Thinking about expanding your menu offerings? BBQ can be a fun hot weather crowd pleaser. We have a vast array of BBQ equipment for you to shop from, including industrial grade smokers from Town Food Equipment like this one Town SM-30-R-STD-N MasteRRange 30" Wide Right-Hinged Door Galvanized Steel Exterior 60,000 BTU Natural Gas Smokehouse which can easily accommodate a large restaurant crowd:

industrial grade smoker

So, once you have the equipment, what do you want to cook? Brisket, wings, meatballs, pork - there are multiple foods which lend themselves well to BBQ. There are classic cooking styles - Memphis style (more vinegar based), dry rub (from Texas) or Kansas City style (sweeter, tangier). If you decide to go classic and traditional, make sure you're following ALL the techniques associated with your chosen style so that you can give your guests something that is really indicative of the style. Authentic BBQ lovers will notice the difference!

If you decide to be playful and quirky with your BBQ, you can experiment with fruit and alcohol flavors for unexpected twists on the classics. Bourbon is wildly popular, fitting its smokey profiled nicely with smokey meats. Fruit flavors can include everything from peaches to grape jelly. Fusion is possible as well, using Asian style flavor profiles, curries, or Samoan type flavors also. BBQ is versatile, fun, and carries a high profit margin. Use high quality meats, take your time with the smoking process, and come up with some killer signature sauces for excellent results your customers will love.

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