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BBQ Chicken in a Vollrath Rotisserie Oven?

When someone mentions a new barbecue place in the area, I come running. There’s nothing better than to have meat that slides off the bone smothered in a good barbecue sauce while nibbling on a piece of Texas toast.  There are some places who take their barbecue out of the pit smoker and use a rotisserie oven. Purists may not like it, but it does make bbq fast!

A rotisserie oven works much like a convection oven in that there is circulation going throughout the chamber, and it’s able to heat every bird evenly while it rotates around.  It’s definitely worth trussing the birds when you can imagine the profit that comes from it.

The smallest rotisserie that we’ve worked with s the Vollrath 40704, which can skewer up to 8 chickens simultaneously. It’s set up so that you can fit it on the counter top. Convenience store rotisserie chicken?  It's possible.

Now, you’ve most likely got your secret barbecue sauce, too.  That’s perfect for brushing over the birds, as there’s a drip pan in the Vollrath Rotisserie Oven. Nothing like catching and reusing those pan drippings for something that’s absolutely tasty.

We’re fond of experimentation in the kitchen, something that many of you already do.  Get the new toy, play with it, and see if certain methods cook better than others, and you’ll be able to tell if rotisserie chicken is right for your restaurant.

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2015-03-03 00:00:00
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