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Basic Cost Control

While opportunity is there for budding restaurateurs, there’s a fight for it.  New restaurants are opening all the time, so it is necessary to analyze where time- and money-saving measures can be taken to survive long enough to get regular customers.  As a restaurant owner, where can costs be cut?


Are there processes which you do within your restaurant which create your specialties?  Do you make your name on the fact that you slow-roast, broil, or use the commercial griddle?  Is there a faster process which can yield the same results?


Is it possible to get the lesser cut of meat for the brisket that you’re creating?  We’re definitely not suggesting that you go to the bottom of the barrel dregs for your food, but are there ways which the costs can be cut without sacrificing the quality?


Cost is a subjective thing, actually.  Does it cost you more in labor or actual money to produce it?  If something costs $30 to get from a restaurant supply store, saving three hours of labor in the process, it might be great, but you must be able to answer whether changing it will significantly impact the dedication that you have for your clientele.

Remember that if you’re changing something to reduce the costs within your restaurant, there are always going to be side effects.  While it may cost more in labor to do something, are you receiving the benefit in being able to charge more for the food that you offer?

2015-06-16 00:00:00
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