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Bad Blood From Restaurant After Bad Review

Bad Blood From Restaurant After Bad Review
Bad Blood From Restaurant After Bad Review

What happens when a restaurant treats its customers poorly? Is it slanderous when it’s telling the truth? What happens when someone’s poor review gets lambasted throughout a Facebook page? One woman is discovering the consequences of voicing her opinion about a restaurant in social media.

Is running the commercial ovens putting you so far behind in your restaurant that you need to make people stand around to get seating? That was one of the issues that a lady and her family had. The kitchen was delayed, so this family apparently had to stand around and wait to be seated, even though there were seats already available.

The woman posted about her outrage at having to wait for seating on the company’s Facebook page. It would have remained there, except that a blogger picked up the story and started to talk about it. From there, it started getting out of hand. What happened, though, was unexpected.

The people started coming down on the lady who wrote the review. She was flamed in public with hate and bile, all because she was giving her opinion. She and her family are afraid of the retribution from restaurant goers – as she’s gotten hundreds of comments on the post now.

This is definitely a dual-edged sword. On the one hand, the review was negative and it’s on the restaurant’s site. On the other hand, the person who wrote it is receiving the attention of countless anonymous people. Where do you stand?

6 years ago
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