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Avoiding Injuries in a Fast Casual Restaurant  

No matter what type of restaurant you own, your employees are at risk for some type of injury. Not only are your employees at risk of injury, but you’re at risk of paying higher compensation costs. Anticipating potential problems is the best way to counteract workplace injuries.


Cutting, slicing, peeling, etc. is something you can’t avoid in a restaurant. You need to properly train your workers on kitchen safety and what to do in case of emergency. All food preparation areas should be kept free of distraction and clutter.

Slips and Falls

With the demand for food to be out quick in a fast casual restaurant, employees are more prone to slips and falls. “Running” around during a shift is nothing out of the ordinary. All spills should be immediately cleaned and picked up whether it be in the kitchen where your employees are, or in the front of the house with customers. Separate mops for the kitchen and the front of the house can make it easier to clean up a spill quickly. All employees should be required to wear non-slip shoes and non-slip mats should be placed in front of sinks, cooking stations, etc.


Workers in a fast casual restaurant have an increased risk of getting a burn because of the tight environment they work in and the pace at which they’re working. All kitchen workers that work with hot equipment should be required to wear protective equipment. All equipment, especially hot equipment, should be serviced regularly to avoid malfunction and potential injury.

Training employees is essential in any work environment, but especially in a fast casual restaurant. Workers’ compensation can be astronomical, but you also don’t want your employees to get injured or be scared of potential injury when they come into work.

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