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Asian Noodle Trend

One of the most noticeable trends in late 2016 and projected to be one of the top ten trends in 2017 culinary scenes is Indian flavors and Asian noodles. The trend has been recognized as being one of the top 10 cutting-edge culinary trends for the upcoming year and consumers are going crazy for it. Although, it may not seem as mainstream as other trends, full-service establishments who may not think to serve ethnic cuisine are indulging in developing new tasting profiles for their customers.

The key is that consumers aren’t just looking for something to eat; they’re yearning to deepen their understanding of themselves and how they can fit into the world around them in a sustainable way. They are looking to develop a larger understanding of the ethnic foods surrounding them they want to approach trying new foods and flavor profiles in a fun way!

The question then becomes for operators is how to channel this dynamic in a way that boosts revenue and traffic. One approach could be to offer items that play into three loosely interwoven trends that compliment your menu and broaden your offerings that enhance your menu rather than making it confusing.

When deciding if and what to add to your menu this about what your consumers enjoy already and build off of that. The great thing about food is that there are no rules and there is only opportunities to try to flavors together and make something great. Look into items like curry, goat, and pho. All items that consumers have been drawn to in the last year and items that can easily be added to your menu without adding a large margin to your food cost.

A perfect example of adding to your menu is adding a variety of Asian noodles. As Asian noodle traditions become American favorites, consumers are seeking more authentic experiences. Chinese lamian, or hand-pulled noodles, adds another layer of both taste and visual showmanship. Customers slurp their share while watching a master noodle-smith knead, stretch and swing dough into strands for soup. Consumers have been drawn to the cuisine and feel a connection as they are able to make each dish their own.

Most of the dishes are all about flavor, developing your consumers palates with new and adventurous flavors. It is easy to deepen their understanding for worldly cultures and it can become an integral part of your menu!

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