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Are your Restrooms Clean?

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the inspection requirements for restaurant restrooms. It’s necessary to make sure that the facilities are adequate, not only for the customer’s first impression, but for their health.

Here is a general checklist of what is expected for your restaurant’s toilet facilities.

  • ALL hand sinks are equipped with hand-cleaning soap, paper towels, or hand drying device, warm water, and a conveniently located waste receptacle.
  • All restrooms must have at least one covered waste receptacle and toilet tissue.
  • Hand washing signs must be posted.
  • Toilets/toilet rooms must be clean, in good repair, and free of objectionable odors.

These standards are easy to maintain, and checks should be performed at least once an hour or so within your restaurant. It’s your responsibility to provide clean areas for all of the guests. In fact, one of the big drivers of negative reviews are dirty bathrooms. A dirty bathroom can directly affect your bottom line!

Taking it one step further, make sure that there is proper disposal of sewage and waste water from your facility, as there are potential penalties from the inspector if these simple criteria are not met.

Want a perfect review? Make sure that your bathrooms are kept up with the right bathroom supplies and equipment.

2015-06-25 00:00:00
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