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Are you Keeping Up with your Training?

We love working with restaurant owners, chefs, and waitstaff to come up with the best restaurant equipment and solutions for everyone. What may work in a small bistro in Atlanta might not work for a bustling buffet in Las Vegas. One of the things that everyone can agree upon, however, is the necessity for continued training within the field.

Training is being received in restaurant management, restaurant operations, and providing memorable experiences all over the country. Courses are being taught from El Paso to Danville Community College in Virginia.

In these classes, they start with the basics. One learns how to use equipment like the Nemco Countertop Warmers and the proper way of caring for an Ice-O-Matic Modular Ice Machine. They learn that along with the procedures for making memorable experiences with guests and how to keep their labor costs low. Once done, these future restauranteurs come back to the kitchens and share their knowledge with the others who are in the kitchen.

What kind of training do your people have? There are always ways to enhance their knowledge of food safety, sanitation, and the fundamentals of quality for the hospitality industry. In some places, the people can work in other restaurants as an internship – learning everything they can about the field.

Does your restaurant pay for off-site training and courses? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

2015-09-04 00:00:00
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