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Are throwback desserts coming back for 2017?

We certainly have seen a change in our consumers choices pertaining to desserts. It seems as though they have fallen off-the-beaten-path and fallen in love with classic desserts from the past. Many of of our guests want comfort foods that remind them of their childhoods, even if they are extremely easy and far less than the high-end treats our pastry chefs are accustomed to eating.

But, how does one introduce desserts from the past in a creative yet, we say bring on the s’mores! Impress your guests with old fashion desserts that use new and improved techniques that defy gravity, test the limits of gravity and become architects of memories, with a single dessert. More and more leading chefs sound the nation have devoted their creativity and skills to creating one of a kind treats that truly indulged guests palates and tantalize their senses.

We recommend allowing your chefs to be creative, like Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi and her feral-milk soft serve ice cream. Allowing herself to be creative and to take a minute, step back to her childhood and remember what made her feel happy, excited and above all what she craved!

It's no secret that kids crave sugar: cookies, sundaes and rainbow-colored slashes. But, what happens when you combine the the ideas behind best selling chocolate bars and slurps and make them into desserts at par with fine dining standards? See what we mean with this list of new and noteworthy retro-inspired desserts that will make your childhood self proud of the adult you’ve become.

Black-and-White Doughnuts: Fried doughnuts with chocolate filling are a riff on the classic New York cookie. This place is big on nostalgic sweets; you can also find a cookie plate with varieties like pecan bourbon and lemon drop, as well as a bacon-apple cobbler.

Chocolate-Popcorn: Popcorn’s now a ubiquitous ingredient in fancy sundaes. The dessert can come with Madagascan chocolate ganache and candied peanuts — a throwback to the good ol’ days spent snacking at the ballpark.

Snow Cones: You can add tequila to any flavor of shaved ice, a perfect way to wash down chorizo tacos.

Ice Cream Sandwich: Dressed-up dessert is a very distant relative of its Klondike cousin. Make your with Port Wine buckwheat cake, walnut ice cream, and caramel oranges. Runner & Stone also offers a boozy rye brownie, which comes topped with rye whiskey ice cream and caramel sauce.

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