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  1. Falling for Fall Dishes

    Falling for Fall Dishes

    Fall means the holiday season is coming, and that also means cold weather, which some of you love and some don’t. Even if you hate the cold weather, you can take advantage of it at your restaurant by rotating new dishes through your menu to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Fall festivities should be celebrated with fall dishes! Here are some fall dish ideas for your menu:

    Mushroom Stroganoff

    Fall brings mushrooms, and other plants, right to our plates, and we want you to take advantage of that! You can easily substitute mushrooms for other ingredients in dishes that already exist on your menu, or you can bring a new dish to your menu. Here’s a great recipe for mushroom stroganoff:!

    Sweet Potato Gnocchi

    Italian restaurants pay attention! Sweet potato gnocchi works great for fall because it incorporates the classic sweet fall potato. If you already have gnocchi on the menu, you can easily switch your regular gnocchi over to sweet potato gnocchi, or at least give customers the option! Check out the recipe here:!

    Autumn Veggie Burger

    Vegetarians rejoice! You can and should get creative with your grill and bring customers at least the option of enjoying this autumn veggie burger. This veggie burger includes several fall ingredients, including apples, pumpkin seeds, and butternut squash. Here’s the recipe:!

    There’s so much you can do to your menu for fall inspired dishes. All you have to do is take an hour to brainstorm new dishes to rotate into your menu, or you can easily substitute fall ingredients in for ingredients in your existing dishes!

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  2. Ice Hacks

    Ice Hacks

    As we’ve discussed before, the shape of ice and how you use it in a drink is extremely important and can help make your drink unique, but there are so many other ways to use ice! You’re probably going to wish you knew these ice hacks earlier because they will definitely make your life easier. Other than when crafting drinks, here are some ways to use ice:

    Remove Dents in Carpets

    When you rearrange your furniture, you might find there are dents left in your carpet. How do you get rid of them? Place an ice cube on the spot where the dent is and let it melt. Once it’s melted, brush up the dent and your carpet is back to normal!

    Iron Out Wrinkles

    If you find yourself in a time crunch and your clothes have wrinkles in them, turn on the iron and wrap ice cubes in a soft cloth. Rub the cloth with ice over the wrinkle just before you iron the shirt and it will smooth out.

    Rid Yourself of Splinters

    Removing a splinter from yourself, let alone your screaming child, might prove to be difficult. Before you try to pluck the splinter from the skin, numb it with an ice cube and that will make for a seemingly painless removal!

    Remove Gum from Your Clothes

    We’ve all got gum in our clothes at one time or another, although it might be embarrassing to admit, but fear not, there’s an easy fix! Grab an ice cube and rub the ice on the gum to harden it. Once the gum hardens, you can scrape it off with a spoon!

    We exist in an age where people live for convenience and these hacks may help you more than you think! Not only does ice help refresh your drinks, but it can make your life significantly easier with these hacks.

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  3. Pick that Glassware!

    Pick that Glassware!

    Drinks are the way to your customers' hearts. Every meal is served with some type of drink, whether it’s alcoholic or not. At the very least, your customers are going to be ordering water! Here are some tips on picking out glassware for your restaurant:

     Match to your Brand

    Your glassware should align with the style of your restaurant and convey your brand to the customers. You should be thinking about what kind of experience you want to provide for your customers and choose glassware that complements your flatware and dinnerware. You wouldn't use fancy glasses if you’re using paper napkins—that just doesn’t make sense.

     Quality and Durability

    Investing in quality glassware will save you money in the long run, and can last you years! Choose the best glassware your budget will allow and your customers will feel like they’re receiving a higher quality experience. You also don’t want glasses that chip easily because let’s be honest, there are so many people handling the glasses, they’re sure to get beaten up more often than not.

     Test your Glassware

    Before purchasing new glassware, try it out! See how it feels in your hands, and how it looks. Imagine if you’d want to use that glass yourself in another restaurant and how the customer will feel using the glass. Make sure the glass doesn’t drip!

    Who cares about what you’re drinking with as long as the food is good? Wrong! Eating at any restaurant is an experience and people pay attention to even the smallest details when deciding whether or not to eat there again. Here is some glassware on our website:!

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  4. Ice Safety Tips

    Ice Safety Tips

    This may come as a surprise, but according to the FDA, ice is considered food. This means that you need to be handling ice in a sanitary manner! Bacteria lingers in restaurant kitchens no matter how often and how careful you are when cleaning the kitchen, but here are some tips to try to keep your ice sanitary:

     Train Employees

     Employees should ALWAYS wash their hands before getting ice from the ice machine and they should only hold the ice scoop handle.

    • Never scoop ice with your hands, or with a glass—this might be efficient, but it’s highly unsanitary
    • Don’t return unused ice to the ice machine
    • Ice machine doors should be closed except when removing ice
    • Ice scoops should be cleaned regularly and stored outside the ice machine
    • Never use the ice machine as a refrigerator

     Inspect Ice Machine

    • Always inspect the exterior of the machine (door handle, hatch, etc.)
    • Look for any evidence of growth on or inside the machine
    • Routinely clean ice

     Ice Machine Maintenance

     We’ve touched on exactly how to clean your ice machine in the past, but always make sure that you’re getting your ice machine routinely checked.

    • Should be serviced by technician two times per year
    • Certain ice machine companies will schedule these inspections and cleanings for you

     Ice can easily become dirty if you don’t take care of it, or your ice machine. You don’t want to be serving customers dirty ice because they definitely will not be coming back and we’re all about making sure your customers come back time and time again!

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  5. Loyalty Programs

    Loyalty Programs
    Loyalty Programs How do you create customer loyalty when there’s a new restaurant popping up every single day? Loyalty programs are the answer! Most people use their mobile device to decide where they’re going to eat, and they do that within 3 hours of their next meal. We talked a few posts back about the importance of an app for your restaurant, but we’re going to explain exactly how to use that app to get people wanting to come back. Convenience Take Starbucks for example, they have MyStarbucks Rewards and it’s such a simple and easy app to use. You simply go into the app and pay right there! Their online orders have skyrocketed and people are constantly in the app where Starbucks can give them targeted content. Don’t make your loyalty program confusing—all you have to do is give people incentives for wanting to come to your restaurant and they will. Unique Create a loyalty program that’s unique to the brand of your restaurant. Try to find something that your competitors can’t copy, and if you can’t do that, then you have to make sure that you’re offering rewards that other restaurants aren’t. Create special events and special menu items for customers that use your loyalty program. Build Relationships When you get those repeat customers, you need to learn their names! You want your employees to be on a first name basis with repeat customers to show the customer that you care about them and that they’re more than just their money. Loyal customers not only provide you with continuous business, but they’re unpaid marketers for our business! Word of mouth is huge for local businesses and when you create loyal customers, you create people who love to talk about how much they love your restaurant and how great it is.
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  6. Pots, Pans, and Stoves--Oh My!

    Pots, Pans, and Stoves--Oh My!

    There are so many different types of pots, pants, cookware utensils, etc. that can be used when preparing food, but what is necessary for your restaurant? Cookware can fall to the wayside when planning the layout/design and menu of your restaurant, but you can’t forget about the cookware because that’s how you get that delicious food to your customers. Here are some of the necessities for your restaurant below:


    Cast-iron skillets are essential to your restaurant because they're multi-functional and can prepare multiple foods. Skillets give you the ability to sear, bake, and fry foods, and some skillets can be built into your stovetop. Skillets cook food evenly because they retain heat when being used.

    Grill Pan aka Griddle Pan

    Anything that would normally be cooked on a grill can be cooked on this grill pan! It’s a viable substitute for an outdoor grill and is essential when cooking any meat. You can cook fish, burgers, chicken, vegetables, and more on this pan. Some grill pans come with a press that is perfect for making panini and grilled cheese sandwiches!


    Originating in China, woks are known for being helpful in cooking a large amount of food at one time. These pans are big, have long handles, and tall, sloped sides to keep the food from sliding out. Pasta dishes, stir-fry’s, and more can be cooked in this pan.

    Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a veteran restaurant, those are just some of the pans that you should have in your restaurant kitchen and they can make your life a lot easier. Click on the link to go look at these pans and more:!

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  7. Restaurant App Accessibility

    Restaurant App Accessibility


    Having an app for your restaurant will enhance your customers’ experience and make you more accessible to the public. The more accessible you are, the more likely a customer is to give your restaurant a try. Mobile apps that give customers the ability to order online, view the menu, and view prices are becoming more popular and people love it for the ease that it gives them in deciding on a restaurant to eat at. Below we’ll explain to you just why creating a mobile app for your restaurant is beneficial:

    1. You can serve more customers at once.
    2. The app provides you with free marketing and promotions by raising awareness about your restaurant.
    3. The app can help you create a client base.
      • Combine with loyalty programs/rewards making customers more apt to use social media to promote your brand
    4. You can use the statistics from the app to learn more about what’s working and what’s not.
    5. Customers will be sure to order more because all they have to do is hit a button on their smartphone!
      • Convenience
      • Prefer using app over calling restaurant

     Whether you like it or not, the world is moving more digital and this is one trend that you should take advantage of. A mobile app for you restaurant is sure to increase your visibility and increase your online orders.



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  8. Restaurant Faucets

    Restaurant Faucets

    We’ve already touched upon what type of sinks can be used in your restaurant, but the right type of faucet is just as important! Faucets are vital to the functionality of your restaurant and, if need be, can be installed on sinks that already exist. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular faucets that you can use in your restaurant:

     Deck Mounted Faucets

    • Mounts directly on to sink or countertop
    • Generally less expensive than other types of faucets

     Wall Mounted Faucets

    • Mounts on wall and extends over sink
    • Most commonly used faucet
    • Chosen for its modern look

     Pre-rinse Faucet

    • Allows you to quickly clean cookware, glassware, etc. before placing in dishwasher
    • High water pressure means no need to wash by hand before entering dishwasher
    • Conserves more water than other types of faucets

     Pro tip: it’s always important to remember that if you’re starting from scratch to buy the faucet before the sink! We have all these types of faucets and more on our website:

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  9. Hot Alcoholic Drinks

    Hot Alcoholic Drinks

    With the weather taking a turn for the cooler, you should think about introducing hot, alcoholic drinks to your menu. You can even customize the drinks to fit the season and the holiday. You might want to add a pumpkin-type drink to your fall menu (especially before Halloween), and a mint-type drink around December.

     Pumpkin Toddy

    • 1 oz apple brandy
    • ½ oz rye whiskey
    • ½ oz fresh lemon juice
    • ½ oz grade b maple syrup
    • 1 tsp pumpkin purée
    • 2 drops Angostura bitters
    • Grafted cinnamon
    • Water

     Add all the ingredients except water to a preheated mug, top with 5 oz of boiling water, and stir to combine. Top with grated cinnamon if you wish to add a garnish to the drink.

     Hot Buttered Rum

    • 2 oz gold rum
    • 1 tbsp buttered rum batter
    • Boiling water
    • Cinnamon stick garnish
    • Freshly grated nutmeg garnish

     Add the rum and butter to a mug, fill with boiling water, and stir to make the perfect, warm drink on a chilly day.


    There are plenty more warm drinks to spice your customers up in the cold weather and we wouldn’t want you to forget about serving classic Eggnog around the holidays. Serve it to your customers with a twist, or the traditional way, and that’ll be certain to bring some cheer to your restaurant. Give people a reason to leave their house in the cold with the promise of a drink that will be certain to give them a warm buzz!

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  10. Drinks from the Past

    Drinks from the Past

    Can you guess how many different types of alcoholic drinks there are today? No? Well neither can we and we won’t even try because there are just too many to count! Not only are there different types of drinks, but all bartenders have their own spin on every drink they make, which is slightly different from the bartender making the same drink next to them. It makes sense that there are many drinks that have fallen to the wayside and got lost in the shuffle. Below are some drinks that we think might be useful to bring back for your menu:


    Bombay Sapphire

    This drink is a colorful take on the classic gin & tonic and is sweeter than the original.


    • 1.75 ounces Bombay Sapphire Gin
    • 0.50 ounce blue curacao
    • 1 sprig rosemary
    • 1 lemon wedge
    • Light tonic water

    Add the Bombay Sapphire, curacao, rosemary, lemon, and gently squeezed lemon wedge to a glass and swirl well to combine. Fill the glass with cubed ice and top with light tonic water and mix gently with a bar spoon.


    Gin Rickey


    • 50 ml gin
    • 1 whole lime cut in half
    • Sparkling water

    Fill a highball glass with ice and add the gin. Juice the halves of lime into a glass and drop in the juiced lime shells. Fill with sparkling water and you’ve got yourself a classic American drink!


    There are a variety of drinks that seem to have been forgotten over the years and some research will uncover plenty that you can add to your menu and modify with a modern twist. 

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