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  1. Dishwasher Central

    Dishwasher Central

    Your restaurant would not exist without dishwashers because obviously, we value clean plates and so do your customers! Your customer will definitely not be returning if you serve their food using dirty dishware and you certainly won’t be gaining any new customers if word gets out that you use dirty dishware. Here are some popular dishwashers and their specifics that might be a great fit for your restaurant:

    Glass Dishwasher

    Restaurants/bars with a high volume of glasses need a machine that will gently clean their glasses without breaking them (what a nightmare when objects shatter in our dishwasher!). Sensitive types of glassware, such as martini and wine glasses, will easily break in regular commercial dishwashers. Generally, it’s recommended that glass dishwashers are used mainly for washing glasses…who would’ve figured, but there are certain models that are suitable for washing more than just glassware.

    • Designed for sensitive glassware
    • Wash a high number of glasses quickly

    Under Counter Dishwashers

    These machines, size and appearance wise, resemble residential dishwashers that you might see in someone’s home. Under counter dishwashers typically wash one rack per cycle and are 53” high, 23” wide, and 25” deep making these machines the best for small coffee shops and restaurants.

    • Ideal for places serving less than 100 meals per hour
    • Don’t require a ton of space
    • Most affordable commercial dishwasher

    Dishwashers are another piece of essential equipment for your restaurant and without them, you won’t be able to satisfy your customers. If you’re in the market to replace your current dishwasher, or if you’re just starting out and need your first dishwasher, check out the variety of dish washing machines we sell at this link:!

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  2. Cold Facts About Ice

    Cold Facts About Ice

    As we’ve discussed before, you don’t solely have to use plain ice for your drinks. Bartenders have come to perfect making drinks that not only play on the taste and appearance, but are crafted around the type of ice used.

    In the past, ice was the least of a bartender’s concern and was paid no attention, but recently ice has become a huge part of modern bar tool kits and is essential in making a good tasting, aesthetically pleasing cocktail. Ice has become part of the showmanship for a bartender. It’s all about appearance and taste, and the type of ice you use will impact the outcome of your drink.

    Some Facts:

    • Shape, size, and density do matter
    • Certain ice melts faster leading to a diluted drink
    • Many commercial ice machines can now make ice in the shape you choose
    • Small ice ball trays used for mixed drinks
    • Large ice cube trays used for premium liquor
    • Dry ice can add an aesthetically pleasing twist to your drinks

    This information is not only great for your bartenders and employees to know, but for the modern customer because nowadays, it wouldn’t be surprising for a bartender to ask you: “What kind of ice would you like in your drink?” Knowing the type of ice that is perfect for your drink makes for a more enjoyable drinking experience for you!

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  3. Gearing up for Fall

    Gearing up for Fall

    Although we seem to be in the depths of the hottest part of summer, fall is coming and we want to keep up with the trend of the cooler weather that is unfortunately coming our way. Here are some fall cocktails to play with and potentially add to your menu below:


    Hard Cider Sangria

    1 cup quartered and sliced, unpeeled green, yellow, and red apples

    1 navel orange quartered and sliced crosswise

    1 cup apple juice

    2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice

    ¼ cup apple brandy

    One 22-ounce bottle hard apple cider


    Combine the apples with the orange, apple juice, lemon juice, and brandy. Add the hard cider just before serving.



    Add a fall twist to this tequila-based drink by using apple juice.

     ½ lemon quartered


    Pinch of ground cinnamon

    2 ounces blanco tequila

    1 ounce elderflower liqueur

    1 ½ ounces apple cider

    1 cinnamon stick


    Mix the lemon quarters with the ground cinnamon. Add the tequila, elderflower liqueur and apple cider to the mix and shake well. Pour over ice and garnish with a cinnamon stick.


    Adding seasonal cocktails to your menu brings fresh, new drinks to your menu and is a great way to draw customers in looking for something new.

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  4. Restaurant Improvements

    Restaurant Improvements

    There are always improvements to be made to your restaurant and updating and trying to find ways to better your restaurant is the key to its success. Making changes (only needed changes of course) shows your customers that you’re listening to their recommendations and taking what they say into account. Here are some tips to better your restaurant:

    Change up the Menu

    Updating your menu is the perfect way to bring a breath of fresh air into your restaurant. Obviously, keeping with your customers’ favorites is important because those bring in revenue and keep people coming back again and again, but changing the menu keeps your restaurant exciting and, if you’re scared about adding new options, try adding them to your current menu on a trial basis and see how they do!

    Talk to Your Customers

    As a restaurant owner, you shouldn’t be afraid to walk around the restaurant, introduce yourself, and mingle with your customers. This will show your customers that you care about what they think and gives you the opportunity to get their feedback on what you’re currently doing. More often than not, your customers will praise the restaurant, but if you’re in a situation where there is a complaint, you have the opportunity to remedy it.

    Be Active on Social Media

    Social media is an easy, creative way to reach your customer base and a way to attract new ones. You can use pictures and videos to show off (essentially brag, but we all need to do it!) about your restaurant and the use of social media increases online visibility.

    There are many ways to improve your restaurant, but the 3 tips mentioned above, are extremely easy to implement. Even something as small as these improvements will show your customers you are invested in them and in making your business as successful as possible.


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  5. "Ice-scream" for Ice Cream Machines!

    "Ice-scream" for Ice Cream Machines!

    You may not own a creamery or a popular ice cream franchise, but ice cream machines are important at any restaurant that offers the staple dessert! Ice cream has to be kept frozen properly and at the right temperature because, otherwise, it will go bad and the texture and flavor will differ significantly. Your freezer should keep the ice cream between -10 and -20 degrees Fahrenheit. There are different types of freezers for different items, including gelato and ice cream, but for this we’ll stick to ice cream. Dipping cabinets, display freezers, and chest freezers are high up on the list of popular restaurant ice cream freezers.

    Dipping Cabinets

    Dipping cabinets typically have glass tops that can show off the flavors to your customers, or if you store it in the back of your restaurant, make it easier for your employees to see where each flavor is held. These cabinets are full-service or self-serve, depending on what you use it for.

    Display Freezers

    Display freezers are generally used for self-serve, but again, similar to dipping cabinets, can be used by your employees to serve directly to your customers. These freezers usually have flat, double glass doors that keep the internal temperature cold.

    Chest Freezers

    Chest freezers are perfect for restaurants to use as storage for bulk ice cream. These are insulated to keep your products at the perfect temperature and have 5-20 cubic feet of space for your needs.

    While most restaurants aren’t ice cream focused, these freezers give you, and your customers, ice cream that has the texture and taste of that in a high end ice cream shop. The type of ice cream freezer you purchase can revolutionize your dessert menu. Check out our ice cream freezers at this link:!

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  6. Twisted Ice Cubes

    Twisted Ice Cubes

    Ice cubes can be boring (I’m sure we can all attest to that), but there are some great ways to add a twist to your drinks and keep them looking and tasting fresh for your customers. You can especially add this twist to a non-alcoholic drink to make it look and taste like it is. We’ve all craved a great, summer alcohol infused drink, but then looked at the clock to see it’s Monday at 1pm (so what do we do now?). Add ice cubes with fresh mint or fruit frozen inside of them to your drink for the ultimate twist!

    If you’re craving a drink that tastes similar to something with gin, adding lemon, sage, and juniper berries to your ice cubes will give you that same taste without the alcohol. Break out your ice cube tray that takes up space in the back of your freezer and put these ingredients in for the perfect drink. Place these ice cubes in a glass and pour seltzer water over it, giving it the taste and feel of a gin infused drink, without the hangover! If you’re feeling especially bold and you’re done with your work for the day, actually add a splash of gin and kickback and relax!

    Straying away from alcoholic drinks, you can use “coffee ice cubes” to keep your iced coffee from getting the watered down taste that effectively ruins your drink. You can use leftover coffee or brew a new batch, pour into your ice cube tray (you may want to have a separate ice cube tray just for this to avoid any lingering coffee taste in your actual ice), and freeze! 

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  7. Ice, Ice, Baby...

    Ice, Ice, Baby...

    Ice, more often than not, has a notoriously bad reputation at restaurants. But, no matter what you do, ice is essential to your restaurant and not just for drinks, but surprisingly also for cooking operations. 

    Ice in Displays

    It’s no surprise that most beverages are served with ice (and the ice cube matters too—check back on past blog posts for more on that), but using ice as part of displays in your restaurant is a way to catch the attention of your customers. Especially in seafood-based restaurants, displaying seafood on ice is a great way to show your customers that your food is fresh and it’s visually appealing. Ice can also be on display in salad bars to keep everything fresh.

    Cooking With Ice

    Using ice when cooking is more common than you might think and adds great benefits to your food. Ice can be used for storing food and cooling blanched (removing skin from certain foods) vegetables. Cooling vegetables in ice makes them crunchy and crisp and preserves color and texture. This is perfect when serving vegetable dishes to your customers. Ice can also protect the flavor of a sauce and introduce air to certain drinks. Emulsion is also popular when cooking. Basically, you use ice to help combine liquids that normally wouldn’t mix together (oil and water, etc.).

    Ice can be used for exponentially more than just chilling a drink and will make the quality of your food and ultimately your restaurant better and more sophisticated.

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  8. What Oven is Right for Your Restaurant?

    What Oven is Right for Your Restaurant?

    Picking the right oven for your restaurant is the key to running a successful restaurant and there are so many to choose from that you might feel overwhelmed. The first thing to know that might make your search easier is to ignore residential ovens that you would find in someone’s home and focus on commercial ovens. Residential ovens are only designed to be used 1-2 times a day, while commercial ovens are more durable and meant to be used multiple times a day. Two commercial ovens that we’ll focus on are standard ovens and convection ovens:

    Standard Ovens

    These are the most common and simple type of commercial ovens. Standard ovens produce heat at the bottom of the oven that radiates upwards and can cook almost any recipe that you want. These ovens are also the least expensive and are extremely easy to repair. However, the only thing to watch for with standard ovens is they don’t always cook food evenly if the temperature is not set right.

    Convection Ovens

    These ovens are similar to standard ovens, except that they circulate air through fans in the oven. Because of the fans in the oven, food is generally cooked faster and cooked consistently. The circulation of the air prevents cold or hot spots when cooking the food.

    There are many types of ovens that have a multitude of different functions, which can make the search for the perfect oven very time consuming. Buying the wrong oven equipment for your restaurant can be detrimental to your business so research ahead of time is essential. We sell any type of oven that you can imagine at this link:

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  9. Elevating your Patio

    Elevating your Patio

    As soon as the weather turns warmer, people flock to your patio in search of enjoying the warm summer sun with some great food. Patios allow more people to enjoy your restaurant and in many cases have been known to increase profits. Here are some tips to maximize your outdoor space!

    Offer Live Music Outside 

    Live bands are a great way to draw people to your restaurant and outdoor patios offer the ample space to do that. Creating a timeline ahead of the summer season is always a bonus and gives you sufficient time for marketing efforts and to book live music in advance. 

    Outdoor Bar

    Obviously, you can shuttle drinks in and out of the restaurant to your customers on the patio, but having an additional bar outside can be a big plus. An outside bar allows for customers to easily order drinks for themselves and help your employees cut down on the time it takes for them to get the drink to the customer. 

    New Seasonal Menu

    A seasonal menu gives variety to the food you’re offering at your restaurant and draws people in who want to experience new plates. You can highlight local produce on the menu that customers have seen at local farmers markets. You can also customize the menu to include summer favorites and ditch the hot soups that wouldn’t be enjoyable on the heat of a patio.

    Outdoor patios not only add more space to seat your customers, but they also come with the ability to customize menu options, host summer events at your restaurant, and potentially increase your profits.

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  10. Blenders, Milkshake Machines, and Everything in Between

    Blenders, Milkshake Machines, and Everything in Between

    Everyone loves a good smoothie or milkshake, especially at this time of year. Ideally, we would love to enjoy this by our pool, but that’s not always possible so we visit your restaurant in search of these relaxing, cool drinks. Below are some specifics about the machines that will provide you with the perfect smoothie or milkshake:

    Milkshake Machines

    These are a must-have for any ice cream oriented businesses, but they also can be useful for your restaurant. Typically, these machines have two or three spindles that effectively mix these shakes together at about 25,000 RPM. If you’re looking for a milkshake machine for your restaurant, here’s the link:


    When searching for a blender for your restaurant, you need to make sure the blender is a bar blender for drinks and not food. These blenders are designed to do exactly what they sound like, blend liquids, ice, and fruit together to make a great, smooth drink. We have some blenders that you might like:


    Although juicers sound like they might be similar to a blender, they mainly solely extract juice from a variety of foods, not just fruit. The three main types of juicers are: centrifugal, masticating, and citrus juicers. To put it in easy terms, centrifugal juicers cut fruits and vegetables with a flat knife, masticating juicers utilize a tool that spins around to cut the fibers of the fruits and vegetables, and citrus juicers shred the juice from the flesh of the fruits. To learn more, visit this link:

    All these machines might not be necessary for your restaurant, but each can make a task easier for your employees and might even make your restaurant run more efficiently. Check out these machines to see just what they can do for you!

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