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  1. How to Maintain a Successful Seasonal Menu

    How to Maintain a Successful Seasonal Menu

         One trend we’ve seen over the last few years in the restaurant industry is all things seasonal. For most American-style restaurants other than sports bars, a seasonal menu is a must. It’s important to keep things fresh and trendy when trying to compete with newer restaurants, but a seasonal menu can seem daunting to some. Don’t sweat - this week on the blog we’re diving in to how to create and maintain a successful seasonal menu, without the stress.

         First, keep the staple items the same. While a seasonal menu can include new and creative items, it’s good to keep a few staple menu items that your customers can expect. This creates a sense of familiarity, pleases those creatures of habit, and allows you a little breathing room. A seasonal menu does not mean that you need to change up every menu item every three to four months, but it does require a little bit of creativity and rotation.

        Pick just a few seasonal dishes to start out with that you feel confident in. Instead of trying to recreate the menu multiple times a year, keep the staples the same and allow your team of chefs to choose three to four seasonal items to spice it up. Once you start to experiment with seasonal items, your customers will grow to anticipate your menu changes.

        Social media is a great tool for restaurants trying to keep up a seasonal menu. You can poll your followers on what they’d like to see in the upcoming season as well as notify them about spur of the moment tasting menus and updates. Make sure that your staff is also excellently trained with menu changes, as it will be the waiters’ job to sell the food in the restaurant.

        Don’t let seasonal changes wear you out. Change your perspective to a positive one, train your staff adequately, and embrace small changes. Follow this simple recipe and we guarantee you’ll be on your way to success, past the summer season.

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  2. The Best Wine Glass for Your Restaurant

    The Best Wine Glass for Your Restaurant

         Recently, there’s been a lot of wine talk on our blog. We can’t tell if we’re just yearning for summer nights, or maybe a trip to Italy. Either way, this week’s blog topic is still all about vino. This week we focus on the perfect type of wine glass to buy for your restaurant and take you on a tour of our showroom.

         First, it’s important to note that each type of wine requires a specific type of glass. Red wine, for example, should always be served in a large glass. The bowls of these glasses are fuller and rounder which allows for you to detect the aroma of the wine when your waiter pours you a sample. A glass like our Diamond Balloon Wine Glass is an excellent example of this - it allows for enough surface area at the bottom of the glass for the flavors to unfold, and is a beautiful addition to any table. You can check this glass out here. For a house wine or for a glass that looks more casual, we recommend a wine glass on the smaller side. You will see these at mom and pop restaurants and while they still do the job of a red wine glass, they can easily fit the aesthetic of any restaurant. You can find our version here.

         A white wine’s glass is more U shaped than the cavernous bowl of red wine glasses. These glasses tend to stand a little taller, and have a distinctive and elegant look. These glasses have taller sides which allow for the aroma to be released while maintaining a chilled temperature. W e offer both tall and classic options on our website which are ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. One of our favorite white wine glasses is the Libbey Tall Wine Glass. This glass is an excellent choice when serving fine wines, and can be found here.

         A cause for celebration? You need a Champagne flute. Sparkling wine adds a hint of luxury and sophistication to any menu. Champagne flutes promise an evening of cheer, celebration, and good vibes. A sparkling wine glass is more upright and narrow than other wine glasses to preserve the bubbles. We recommend going with the traditional - our Cardinal International Sommelier Champagne Flute Glass does a beautiful job of toasting the evening, and can be purchased here.

         Ah, wine season. Well, if you’re like us - wine season is year round. However, summer does call for a good rose or sparkling wine on the patio, and having the right glass makes a world of difference. Love seeing our blogs? Make sure to tune in biweekly for the latest edition!

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  3. The Basic Types Of Ice

    The Basic Types Of Ice

         So, you want to buy an ice machine. Not quite sure where to start? First, consider the type of ice you’ll need to make to meet your goals. This week on the blog, we’re giving you a foundation of the basic types of ice so that you can make an educated decision when purchasing your first ice machine.

         Looking for ice to display fresh meat, seafood, and other gourmet-type items? The last thing you want is a beautiful piece of fish laid out on chunky ice. For this purpose, we recommend flake ice. Flake ice is the ideal type of ice for preserving food on display because it maintains temperature for long periods of time. This type of ice can be made from many different machines, but one we love is the Scotsman Flake Ice Machine. Shop this product here.

         Our favorite ice for beverages is nugget ice. Used by many fast food restaurants, nugget ice is a type of ice that comes in small pieces. This ice takes a long time to melt which makes it perfect for keeping beverages cool for a long time. We love this ice because of its size and texture. A great machine to tackle this type of ice is the Ice O Matic machine. This machine is heavy duty, durable, and can make 85 lbs of ice every 24 hours. Check it out for purchase here.

         Lastly, half ice vs. full ice. Full ice cubes are the traditional. They are used in many commercial settings and are great for many different beverages. Half ice cubes are easier to chew, half the size, and are good for schools, retail services, and hospitality. The Manitowoc is a great machine for this type of ice, and a great version is the Full Cube Size Ice Machine with an underwater bin. Check this product out here.

         Whichever type of ice you decide to get, there truly is no wrong kind of ice! The beauty of ice is that its versatile. A great way to choose which  machine to get for your restaurant is to educate yourself on the type of ice that best fits your restaurant’s needs. Make sure to visit our website to view all of our ice machines at

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  4. How to Build Your Restaurant’s Wine Inventory

    How to Build Your Restaurant’s Wine Inventory

         While budgeting for your new restaurant, you likely didn’t budget for a sommelier. Although many restaurants do not have the budget for a full-time sommelier, you are certainly expected as a restaurant owner to have a half decent wine list. While this may be daunting, there is no need to run to the bookstore and purchase books from different wine making regions of the world. We’ve created a simple guide to help you build your restaurant’s wine list and save valuable time and money.

        First, consider the food that you will be serving in your restaurant. If your restaurant will be Italian, you’ll want to include Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, and  Lambrusco as well as some of the classics such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Merlot. If you restaurant will be serving spicy food, you may want to consider adding a Malbec, Red Zinfandel, or even a Gewurtztraminer. For a Greek restaurant, you’ll need all the classic whites: Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling. Make sure that you choose a few popular types of reds and whites that pair with the food of your restaurant.

        Next, you’ll want to consider wine storage. It simply won’t do to store your wine with the rest of the food. In fact, most wines require a specific temperature for storage. Red wines can be stored between 62-68 degrees Fahrenheit, so if your restaurant stays this cool you might get away with stocking your wine in the back. White wines require at temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit or below, but most white wines will do fine being chilled in the fridge. Sparkling wines need to be chilled when served, so make sure to keep them in the fridge right up until they are poured - and serve them in a bucket of ice.

        When choosing a wine  to recommend to your customers, make sure that your staff is knowledgeable of the basic flavor profiles commonly used to describe different wines. In terms of acidity, the more acidic a wine - the better it will cleanse your palate, which makes acidic wines great to serve with creamier dishes. The more oaky a wine, the more it will pair with robust, smoky flavors. Wines with a lower alcohol content typically pair well with spicier foods. Wines described as complex should be paired with more elaborate dishes. Finally, sweet wines should always be as sweet as the food they are served with.

        We hope that this guide has been easy to digest and will aid you on your journey to building your restaurant’s wine list. Remember the old adage of progress, not perfection while building your list and keep in mind that there will likely be a large period of trial and error as you curate a list that will fit your guests needs.

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  5. Picking the Right Seating for your Restaurant

    Picking the Right Seating for your Restaurant

         Comfortable, affordable seating is one of the most important aspects of a great restaurant. Seating is one of the most overlooked parts of a restaurant’s presentation, but can make or break the overall aesthetic of your restaurant. Providing a chair, stool, or bench for your guests is one of the first steps toward a successful food service establishment. On this installment of the blog, we’ll be looking at our favorite restaurant chair, bar stool, and high chair to help you set up the basics for your restaurant.

        A great basic chair that will fit any restaurant theme is our Royal Industries Walnut Finish Wood Saddle Seat Side Chair. This chair has a height of 33 ½” and a length of 17”. This chair is basic, black, and has a beautiful walnut finish that can be maintained with a routine shining. The frame is made of metal so you don’t need to worry about it getting scratched up if you have a high-volume restaurant. The best part? This chair is priced at only $73.99, so you can fill your restaurant with these beauties! Shop them here.

        Worst part about going to a restaurant as a family - no available high chairs! Did you know that a lack of high chairs at a family restaurant can ruin a dining experience? Make sure that your restaurant has at least five high chairs to support your customers’ needs. Our favorite product in our high chair line is our Royal Industries Mahogany Finish hardwood chair! Complete with a nylon strap and seat belt, this chair weighs only 12 lbs which makes it easy to move around the restaurant. Made of 100% wood, this beautiful chair will add a great seating addition for the little ones in your restaurant. You can shop this chair here.

        Did you know you can buy our bar stools in bulk? Our Grosfillex stools with a smoke backrest and charcoal seat come in a pack of eight. These stools are sturdy, reliable, and look great in any establishment. The back and seat of this stool are made from a clear polymer that complements wood decors as well as modern furnishings. These barstools also stack for easy storage, which makes cleaning your restaurant’s floors at the end of the night a breeze. Click here to shop our 8-pack, available in a wide variety of colors!

        With these three essential chairs, you can meet the needs of all of your restaurant clients! For more colors, sizes, and types of chairs, we recommend you visit our website or talk to a customer service agent for your specific restaurant’s needs. Visit  for more.

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  6. The Key to Keeping Drinks Cool at your Bar

    The Key to Keeping Drinks Cool at your Bar

         So you own a bar. One thing that’s on the forefront of your mind is keeping your costs down and making sure that your customer is satisfied. Accomplishing both can be difficult, but with a little balance work and a mastery of the basics, it can be done. The first thing your bar will need after you have your liquor, liquor license, and furniture, is a good ice machine.

        A good ice machine is incredibly important for a bar because no one wants a hot beer or a delicious cocktail that is sadly lacking in ice. This also means that when you shop for an ice machine, reliability should be on the forefront of your mind. This week on the blog, we’ll be taking a look at a few different ice machines that have the functionalities your restaurant needs.

        First up, an underwater cooler that will fit beneath your bar. This machine produces elegant octagon ice - great for whiskey drinks and high end cocktails. This type of ice melts slowly so that it does not alter the flavor of beverages while it cools. Not only does it produce a high quality of ice, it also produces an enormous quantity. The Manitowoc SM50A can produce up to 53 pounds of ice per day and it’s internal bin can hold up to 24 pounds of ice, meaning that your bar will always have ice on deck to serve your customers. You can check this machine out here.

        If you need something a little larger, we recommend our Manitowoc Big Shot. This larger machine produces a very large quantity of gourmet ice each day. This air cooled model has the capacity to produce up to 313 pounds of clear gourmet ice in 24 hours. With no side clearances required, the machine can be installed next to other devices without issue. The ice produced by this machine is clear, cylindrical, shot glass ice. This ice is deal for mixed drinks or  drinks “on the rocks” since there is less beverage dilution while this ice slowly melts. You can purchase this machine here.

        We recommend either of these machines for ultimate cost efficiency, production, and value. One of the most important pieces of equipment your bar can offer is a fantastic and reliable ice machine. With either of these machines, you cannot go wrong - but make sure to visit our website to check out the rest of our ice machines.

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  7. Why Restaurants Fail

    Why Restaurants Fail

         This week on the blog, we’re talking about one of every restaurant owner’s biggest fears: failure. While owning a restaurant, you are sure to experience failure in some capacity daily. Failing to please every customer, make every dish perfectly, or reach a set sales goal. These daily failures can be addressed to add up to overall successes, and shouldn’t be seen in a negative light. It’s true that through our failures, we find our greatest successes. So how can you avoid a big failure? A flop, a closure, or a bad health rating that makes it hard to recover from (in terms of your restaurant’s PR). We’ve compiled some ideas to give you the foresight to prevent a major failure. Hint, it starts with addressing those everyday mistakes.

        First up, poor customer service. This seems like a logical one, but it’s often ignored. Exceptional customer service is essential in maintaining clientele and bringing in new customers. One way that you can make sure that you’re delivering exceptional customer service across the board is by creating required customer service policies. Weekly staff meetings, check-ins with individual staff members, and monthly team goals are all great ways to make sure that everyone is on-board with the new guidelines.

        If you’re reading this because you’re thinking about opening a new restaurant, don’t sweat. Opening a new restaurant is daunting, especially with the high turnover rate of the restaurant industry. If you’re looking to open a new restaurant and worried about failure, you should consider two things: upfront costs and location.

        High upfront costs are the reason that many fledgling restaurants go under. Many restaurant owners find themselves under-budget before the restaurant even opens because they did not accurately calculate the funds needed to successfully open a business. Look for places that you can save (without cutting corners) and make sure you have a good accountant when opening your new business.

        Lastly, when looking into starting a restaurant the best way that you can prevent failure is through a good location. It’s just true that a good location is great advertising. Although this will not guarantee your restaurant doesn’t go under, it can certainly help to become one of the main fixtures in a downtown location. If you can’t afford a heavily trafficked area, at least consider the pitfalls of opening a restaurant on the outskirts of town. With proper preparation, a good team, and consistent check-ins with management, there’s nothing to worry about. While failure in some aspect is inevitable in every area of life, it’s how you deal with daily failures that ultimately determine the success of your restaurant.

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  8. Spring Cleaning: Customize Your Restaurant Storage

    Spring Cleaning: Customize Your Restaurant Storage

         It’s March which means, time for spring! If you’ve already cleaned your restaurant for springtime, you may have noticed that your organization system could use an update. This week on the blog, we’re discussing ways that you can customize your storage space on a budget. We’ll also link you to some of our favorite products so that you can shop the market!

        For custom shelving, you can select shelves and posts in a variety of different configurations. There are options to choose from for vented shelves, wired shelves, or solid shelving. Different widths and depths are also available depending on your need. In addition, you can select specific coatings: green epoxy, chrome, or metal.

        Large commercial kitchen? You probably need a durable shelving solution. Invest once, and don’t think about it for another decade. We recommend our solid, wire, or vented shelving options. Some of our top products in this section include our John Boos Chrome Plated Wire Shelf, and our Metro Super Erecta Solid Stainless Steel Shelf. Our wire shelf is a best seller, and listed at only $13.99 per shelf. This breathable, easy to clean shelf comes with a one-year warranty against defect in workmanship and material, so you can feel good about your purchase. You can find it here. Our stainless steel shelf has uncoated, aluminum cast corners and a raised “ships edge” on all four sides to prevent smaller items from toppling over the side. Made in the USA, we are proud of this shelf. You can find it here.

        Own a restaurant with a liquor license? Consider purchasing a wine shelf to lock up your inventory. These shelves also come in a variety of storage capacities and include both open and enclosed models. Our most basic option is our aluminum wine shelf. This option is stackable, so it’s a great way to start building your wine inventory. This shelf features a lifetime guarantee against rust and is durable, corrosion resistant, and heavy duty. This shelf also has radius cut corners to minimize label abrasion! At just $11.99 per shelf, it’s a steal. You can purchase your own here.

    New business, commercial kitchen, winery, or food truck operator? No matter what kind of shelving you require for your restaurant or business, you can find it at Restaurant Supply. Our shelves are made in the United States, and many come with a one year warranty so you don’t need to stress about investing in this purchase. Visit our full website to view all of our organization options.

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  9. Get Ready for Summertime - Visit Our Water Filter Store!

    Get Ready for Summertime - Visit Our Water Filter Store!

         Sweet summertime, just around the corner - right? Well, maybe not. For many regions of the United States, summer feels like a distant dream. With all the cold weather, blizzards, and roads that should be plowed more frequently, the last thing that most of us want to think about is ice. This week on the blog, we’re stopping in at our water filter store to see how you can get the purest source of drinking water for the upcoming warmer temps (hopefully).

         First up, reverse osmosis water filters. Reverse osmosis water filters work by using a high pressure pump to increase the pressure on the salt side of the reverse osmosis and force the water across the semipermeable membrane, which leaves 95% of dissolved salts behind. What does this mean? Every time you use this system, you’re drinking water that’s 95% pure from dissolved salts. These filters are truly amazing, and can be applied to beverages like espresso, coffee, and steamers. The Everpure High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System is intended for foodservice, and is great for problem water areas. It also reduces chlorine taste and odor that can adversely affect the taste of water and beverages. You can shop this item here.

        Another great filtration system is the steam table filter. These systems are used for high temperature steam misting to keep foods hot. Steam tables are used by hotels, buffets, cafeterias, and anyone else who needs to lay out a delicious spread of food for a large group of guests. Our steam table filter has a 150 gallon per day capacity, has a 4.8/5 rating on our website, and is available for financing for as low as $35/month. Check this item out here.

        If you’re in the ice machine industry, you understand how important having a good filtration system that you can rely on is. There’s nothing worse than having customers available but a broken water filtration system. You can trust Ice Machines with all of your filtration needs, and the best part is that - everything ships for free! Visit our website for all your filtration needs.

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  10. How to Keep Your Restaurant Safe During Tax Season

    How to Keep Your Restaurant Safe During Tax Season

        The audit. The two words that no restaurant owner wants to hear. The audit is not something that has to be inevitable. In fact, it can be easily prevented. Likely, your restaurant has someone who’s in charge of the books. If you run a smaller restaurant, this person might be you. If you have an accountant or not, there are still steps you should take as the restaurant owner to protect your business during tax season.

        First, file on time. Failing to file regularly or file on time can create huge issues for your business ranging from penalty fees to legal charges. Taxes might mean another expense for your business in the short term, but in the long term not filing on time will result in an even larger expense.

        Second, be aware of the specific tax forms for restaurants. Filing for a restaurant is a little more complicated than filing as a single head of household. Some forms that you need to complete as a restaurant owner (unless your accountant is filing for you) are: Employer’s Annual Federal Tax Return, W9,  and Employer’s Annual Information Return of Tip Income and Allocated Tips. In addition to the basic forms, you should consider potential ways to lessen the cost and receive deductions.

        For example, food and beverage costs are deductible. Recently purchased equipment may be deductible too. You can even deduct it for the year that it was purchased, or in smaller amounts over a few years. If your restaurant donates leftover food from the day to a local charity, you can likely deduct this as a charitable donation. However, make sure that you don’t make massive deductions or invalid deductions. As mentioned previously, audits are possible and it’s best to do everything in your power to avoid them.

        Tax season can be overwhelming. We recommend finding someone that you trust to handle your restaurant’s accounting during tax season so that you can avoid the dreaded audit. Make sure that you report all of your income, file on time, make sure that your deductions are accurate, and take a deep breath - tax season is almost at a close!

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