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  1. Handguns and Kilts

    Handguns and Kilts

    When you walk into this Utah restaurant, you might think twice about raising a stink about how well their commercial stoves are working. The servers wear kilts, and they’re also openly carrying handguns. The owners are staunch supporters of the Second Amendment.

    Open carry started as a result of safety concerns. They had money, they were in downtown, and they were worried about their safety. So, the owners, a husband and wife team, applied for a concealed-carry license.

    While the wife was waiting for her permit to arrive, she started to open carry her weapon. Then, her servers started to do it. The owners were worried about the move at first, but it was positively met. Customers feel a bit safer.

    They’re working from their own recipes at the restaurant, but they’re seeing plenty of success. They’ve developed a cadre of regular customers who are eager to keep the place going. People are not only in favor of keeping the restaurant going, but they love the food.

    “People tell us it’s just one more reason to like it here. They say, we love the food, we love the kilts and we love the open carry.”

    Nearly everyone in the family open carries. Customers are not worried about bringing their weapons into the restaurant as well.

    What do you think about open carry in your restaurant? Do you feel that your servers should be armed to serve?

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  2. Ever Hear of the TroughVeyor?

    Ever Hear of the TroughVeyor?

    There are only a few restaurants out there that serve patrons in the thousands every lunch period, but institutions like schools, prisons, and hospitals do it all the time. They’re responsible for quickly serving large groups of people and cleaning up everything that’s left on the plate. That’s one of the reasons that the Savajor 300-TVR TroughVeyor disposer system exists.

    Speed is of the utmost importance when cleaning food waste from plates. It’s necessary to get to the next one and prepare the shift for the next thousand plates or so. The troughveyor system gives workers a trough to rinse and remove the food waste that is still on the plates and bowls. Everything is water tight.

    The pumps are designed to keep the water flowing, and the trough sends the food waste to the disposer. It only uses 7 gallons of water a minute to do such a vital job. The machine has a silverware trap, something perfectly designed in case a fork or a spoon gets through when doing the initial cleaning. This disposer system is well worth it for those institutional settings that need speed to succeed.

    When you need to dispose of a lot of food waste, consider purchasing a TroughVeyor for your facility.

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  3. Restaurant Owners Turn Restaurant into Job Training Center

    Restaurant Owners Turn Restaurant into Job Training Center

    Everyone has an ability to offer their skills at Flavours, a North Little Rock restaurant that helps out those with developmental disabilities by providing them with employment.

    Owner Fred Norman found that there were huge swaths of the population that were underserved – those who were forgotten and aren’t put into the spotlight. So, he decided to make a change by giving these individuals job training.

    His goal is to provide an environment where interns can learn the nuances of cooking, practice their safety and knife skills, as well as tackle different ways of cooking.

    It’s a husband and wife team, too. While Fred teaches workers at the back of the house, Cherry’s running the front. Both of them are running the restaurant like a well-oiled machine, giving people the chance to excel and shine.

    This program teaches respect for everyone, and hope that the developmentally challenged can work along with those who aren’t. The goal is to encourage the interns to move on to other places using those newfound skills.

    This program is designed to also help out children who have aged out of the foster care system and disabled veterans. Are you planning on opening up your restaurant to the disadvantaged? We’d love to learn about it – drop us a line.

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  4. Chocolate Dipping Machine Used at Universal Studios

    Chocolate Dipping Machine Used at Universal Studios

    Oompa loompa indeed! We know that the Matfer Choco 10 Chocolate Dipping machine will last a long time at the new Universal Studios Willy Wonka inspired chocolate factory. It will be a sticky-sweet delight for everyone.

    This restaurant, Toothsome, will be based on a “19th century inspired Steampunk chocolate factory, complete with towering smoke stacks, funky gadgetry, and staff wearing unique Steampunk fashion.” What a better wonderland to play with, releasing your pure imagination?

    The drink creations appear to be best suited to that world of fantasy, dripping with chocolate and chocolate sauce. We’re looking forward to the way that the dipping chocolate will flow free in Orlando’s streets.

    And, what better than a sweets shop for park goers? Visitors don’t have to pony up the park fee to go inside and explore this new wonderland that’s about to open. Again, what an awesome way to use one of the Matfer Choco 10 Chocolate dipping machines (we don’t know if they’re using them, but we’re sure that they should. )

    So, what crazy chocolate drinks has your restaurant come up with? Chocolate, with its reputation of soothing the savage beast, helping people feel wonderful after a long day at work, and more. We’d love to see what you have come up with.

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  5. New York Dog Laws May Soon Seen Poochs at Restaurants Again

    New York Dog Laws May Soon Seen Poochs at Restaurants Again

    The diners of New York City have achieved a small victory when it comes to letting their dogs hang out on the patio in restaurants. The stringent, unrealistic policies that the New York City policymakers were pondering have been loosened. Soon you'll be able to give hot dogs from your hot dog vendor to the dogs of New York City.

    You may recall that the first version of the rules was fraught with many instructions that were designed to keep the pups out. Owners would have had to provide all types of information to the restaurant owner, but the restaurant owners in New York City fought back – they want to serve the public, not be paperwork junkies.

    The outdoor areas will have to be cordoned off, but the dogs won’t have to suffer under full quarantine. The health commissioner wanted to “ensure that restaurant patrons can bring their dogs to outdoor areas, while also keeping other diners protected.” Hopefully this compromise will satisfy everyone involved.

    So, maybe soon there will be hot dogs from the hot dog maker to the dogs. As long as the dogs themselves are well behaved, they’re free to hang out with their owners on the patio.

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  6. Tips for a Commercial Microwave

    Tips for a Commercial Microwave

    Sometimes using a commercial microwave is very similar to using the microwave at home – just on a bigger scale. What are some of the things that you can do to get a better meal out of a commercial microwave?

    • Let your food sit on the counter for a bit. Most of the time, if you’ve tossed your food into the refrigerator or freezer, it’s rock solid. Let it warm up a bit before you put it into the microwave to heat it up.
    • Cook the food in intervals. Cooking food for too long is a common thing with commercial microwaves.
    • Put a little extra water in when reheating rice and pasta. Take a few moments to add a little moisture to it, else you’ll end up with something that’s dried out and rather yucky. We’ve gotten some great results from our pasta.
    • Leave fries out of the microwave. Honestly, leaving fries out of the microwave will make them a much better pick. If you’re wanting to reheat those, the best thing is to put them in the oven for a time.

    What are some of your favorites when it comes to using the microwave? Are the foods at your restaurant microwavable? We’d love to know.

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  7. Conveyor Oven or Impinger Oven?

    Conveyor Oven or Impinger Oven?

    What do you use to cook your favorite pizzas? Are you a conveyor oven person, or would you rather use an impinger oven? We’ll let you make the choice on that one.

    Conveyor ovens have a standard heat source. They differ from the convection ovens in that they don’t have fans to push the air toward what’s in the chamber. This is known as radiant heating.

    Impinger ovens take matters into their own hands and use fans to circulate the air and aim the hot air right at the food that’s being cooked. In this case, the impinger eliminates all cold air ‘halos’ which prevent the food from being cooked.

    As to which one of the pizza ovens will do the best in your restaurant, that remains to be seen. The ovens themselves are perfect for breads and other pastries because they go through the unit at specific times. It’s a true drag and drop sort of process.

    Impinger ovens are better suited for the high volume runs. If you’ve got a lot that you need cooked readily and accurately, then impinger ovens are the ones which will make the most dent in the mountain of work.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in an impinger oven or a conveyor oven, as long as the food is properly cooked. Which do you prefer?

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  8. Basics are the Key to Success

    Basics are the Key to Success

    The biggest question that new restaurant owners want answered is, ‘what is the key to success at my restaurant?’ They want to keep their commercial ice machines running and their profits high for as long as possible. The real answer, by all accounts, is to stick with the basics.

    Let’s take a look at one of New Jersey’s best Italian places. It’s a family owned restaurant, authentic to the core, where the family is completely in charge of making it run. Dad cooks, Mom cooks, and the children work on the tables.

    The menu is filled with Italian staples, including fettucine, manicotti, and more. It’s something to behold – the portions are incredibly generous. They treat you right, like you’re family, while using a ton of recipes from their own.

    It’s no secret that the two biggest places where a restaurant has to shine are in the customer service and the food. If you’re not using those fresh ingredients or you’re treating each other poorly… it’s harder to succeed than if you’re doing it right.

    Take a moment to think about the great things about your restaurant. What are some of the strengths that keep it going and make people want to come back? How can you build on those strengths and expand?


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  9. Advantages of Vacuum Packing Machines

    Advantages of Vacuum Packing Machines

    Meat, veggies, and fruits start going bad from the moment that they are picked or processed. There’s only so long that they stay alive, and that shelf life is something critical to pay attention to when you’re planning meals for the week. You can prolong that life by using a Berkel vacuum pack machine.

    The vacuum pack machine allows you to take advantage of those sales and special deals that your suppliers might offer you. You may, for example, get a killer deal on kiwi, and have something in mind, but it’s going to take a few minutes to get around to – enter the vacuum packing.

    What about the sauce that you want to stow away for another day? The 350D seal bar vacuum packer can do the trick. It’s made to keep the bacteria out and the freshness in. This is what chefs have been waiting for – something that keeps the food tasting fresh.

    The chamber and outside are easy to clean, the machine is easy to program, too. What about developing an additional revenue stream? How many times have you been asked if they can have the recipe for your sauce? This piece of equipment has so much potential in your kitchen.

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  10. McDonald's Considering New Foods for Rio Olypmics

    McDonald's Considering New Foods for Rio Olypmics

    We’re looking forward to seeing what McDonald’s commercial deep fryers come up with for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The company has announced that they will have their all day breakfast (frankly, we love having that unfettered access to hash browns) and certain local specialties available for their customers.

    McDonald’s will win as long as the food is convenient and tasty. Providing the people with delicious French fries and burgers is, as some would say, just what they do. To that end, the company is also opening up a dessert bar to their patrons in the Olympic Park. It hasn’t been mentioned if the restaurants are going to be open all night, but we expect that they are.

    If you had the opportunity to fire up your commercial deep fryers at the Olympics, what foods would you offer to the hungry masses? Would you offer fare from the northeastern US, or would you go for Southern? Maybe something from the southwest. We think that there should be a little bit of everything brought to the Olympic Village – after all, they’re trying their best to encourage togetherness.

    If you’re planning on going to Rio this year, make sure to taste all of the local delicacies. Inspiration comes from everywhere.

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