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  1. Rainbow Bagels?

    Rainbow Bagels?

    Cooking, whether you’re doing it with a commercial boiler, a commercial oven, or a charbroiler, can be an incredible act of creativity. When cooking, there’s an opportunity to do something which has never been done, something which might break the mold. Every day becomes cause for experimentation.

    Take, for instance, the standard bagel. Bagels have been around for quite a while, coming in a variety of flavors and styles. There are, however, standouts in the bagel business. There is the rainbow bagel at the Bagel Store. YES. It’s a rainbow.

    And it’s absolutely gorgeous to look at, as it is the culmination of someone’s creativity and ideas. The dough comes in a shocking array of colors and patterns. But, we can’t think of anything better to put into commercial boilers.

    What do you think about the rainbow bagel? This is just one example of taking the ordinary and turning it into something spectacular. In reality, it’s all about taking the ordinary and making it into something extraordinary – something even more beautiful than what we could have imagined. Do you have some ideas for what you could do in your restaurant? The kitchen is an incredible test bed for new ideas, new thoughts. With that excellent understanding of flavors, where can you go wrong? Image from

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  2. Proper Shelving Crucial for Food Safety

    Proper Shelving Crucial for Food Safety

    Restaurant shelving. You might not think about it once you’ve installed it, but it’s necessary for health reasons to get the products stacked on those shelves correct. How many times have you heard about health violations stemming from the inability to put items on shelves?

    For example, there is a Mexican restaurant in San Antonio this week which had blood drops from raw meat land on the tortillas. There was also blood on raw, prepared potatoes. These offenses and more caused the owners of the restaurant to stay up all night to fix the problem.


    Think about your home kitchen. Was it yesterday or the day before that you put that lasagna away? Food labeling becomes even more crucial in the restaurant setting because there are more people involved. Mark the date on every container.


    As we found out from the Mexican restaurant, meat can sometimes drip blood, and if it’s kept high on the restaurant shelving, it will get all over everywhere. This can be a problem for some places, so keep it lower on the shelves.


    One of the biggest troubles with restaurant shelving is that restaurants will stack their shelves too high or overload them past their capacity. Even though the shelves themselves are very sturdy, there are limits. Try not to let your restaurant get crazy… just get more restaurant shelving.

    Keeping the items organized on restaurant shelving is absolutely crucial for passing health inspections and keeping restaurants running smoothly. What tips do you have for keeping your restaurant in line?

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  3. The Manitowoc for your Hotel Floor

    The Manitowoc for your Hotel Floor

    The Manitowoc ice maker brand is synonymous with quality and style. Look for the trademark snowflake on the label, and you can’t go wrong. If you’re in need of a hotel ice machine, the Manitowoc IY-0454A with ice dispenser will really help out your operations.

    Long ago, guests at hotels would have to ask the kitchen to send them ice, and the price of that ice would be charged to the room. Sometimes, for just a bucket, patrons would be charged insane amounts.

    We’re thankful that times have changed. Now, you can have an ice machine on every floor, allowing your workers to devote more of their time to the guests instead of running ice to patrons.

    The Manitowoc IY-0454A + SFA-291 really delivers

    This combination of ice and hotel dispenser is one of the standards in hotel ice machines. The display readout is very easy to read so that those who are maintaining the floors can tell at a glance how the ice machine is doing.

    Not only that, but the machine and exterior are easy to clean with its stainless steel frame. A quick swipe with the towel and you’re all set to go. The water spout makes the machine more versatile.

    If you’re wanting to save some money on your bills, installing this machine will help out. It produces up to 450 pounds of half cubes daily and it’s ENERGY STAR certified. Perfect for guests, perfect for hoteliers.

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  4. Ice-O-Matic Gives your Breakrooms Crunchable Ice

    Ice-O-Matic Gives your Breakrooms Crunchable Ice

    Even if you’re not in the restaurant business, a restaurant supply store can often be the place to look for commercial ice machines for the home and for the break room. Having ice and water available for your employees is an affordable perk which lets your people know that they are cared for. For the breakroom setting, we’re particularly fond of the Ice-O-Matic ice and water dispenser, specifically the Ice-O-Matic GEMD270A.

    Crunchable Ice For Any Occasion

    Your employees will thank you for the pearl ice that they have in their breakroom from this ice machine. The GEMD270A has a touch free dispenser, which means that there are no worries about whether Janet in Accounting has a cold or the plague. Simply slide your cup underneath and press the button.

    The chute that the ice comes out of is easy to clean, as well, providing you with sanitary safeness. The buttons on the panel are easy to follow, and the maintenance that is necessary for the machine is quite minimal.

    But the real feature of this ice and water dispenser from Ice-O-Matic? Pearl ice. Pearl ice is the crunchable, wonderful hospital-style ice that you can find in several convenience stores and at least one fast food chain. This ice has the power to cheer people up because of its crunchability.

    The machine itself takes up very little space on the counter, at less than 2 feet wide, it should fit quite handily near the coffee machine.

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  5. The Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas

    The Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas

    Manitowoc Ice Machines may not be the sexiest restaurant ice machines in the world, but they are definitely everywhere. We love it when the ice machine crew goes on tour and meets with the people who love their products. People are going to get a chance to see the Manitowoc crew at the Nightclub and Bar Show in the most appropriate place in the world: Las Vegas.

    They’re not gambling with food safety or convenience at the show. Chances are, they’re going to put on a great display, showing off their very popular Indigo machines and more. You’ll be able to learn first hand why there are some people who love the Manitowoc Indigo machines.

    The best part about these types of conferences is that people get the opportunity to discuss the products that they love first hand with the people who made them. The Manitowoc ice machine team will be there on hand to talk about the innovations, the wonder of great ice. They’ll be able to tell you why they designed certain aspects – like why their ice and beverage machines are so thin and fit so easily into places.

    The nightclub and bar show will also provide opportunities for bar supply manufacturers to display their wares, for the drink companies to demonstrate their favorite drinks to people, and for everyone to get together and talk about how to make your experience as restaurant owners a better one.

    Are you planning on going to the Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas?

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  6. National Tortilla Chip Day!

    National Tortilla Chip Day!

    It’s time to go south of the border because today is National Tortilla Chip day! And, what better use of your hard earned hunger than to go to your local Mexican restaurant and eat chips and salsa? We talked a little yesterday about some great dips that you can create using your Robot Coupe. Let’s talk a little more about salsa recipes that can be made with a Robot Coupe blixer.

    As you know, a blixer is a mix between a food processor and a mixer. You’d use them when you need something a bit chunkier than the standard fare – salsa, anyone? There are no hard and fast rules for salsa as you can have tomatoes, black beans, avocadoes, or anything that you’d like. Turn up the heat, turn it down, you can go crazy with the ingredients.

    Get out your can of black beans for this recipe from Allrecipes. A can of black beans, some corn, a few tomatoes and a bit of onion really make it go. Reading it makes us pretty happy.

    For those who want something simple and traditional, there’s the recipe from Pioneer Woman on Food Network. She’s got some diced tomatoes with green chillies, a clove of garlic, a can of tomatoes, and some cilantro leaves in her mix.

    Our third salsa recipe comes from Cooking Classy. Now, avocados are the way to go to get your healthy fats. There’s a bit of crunch in there with a chipped red onion and a few tomatoes. Those tortilla chips don’t stand a chance when armed with this recipe and a Robot Coupe blixer.

    Are you planning on doing anything today for National Tortilla chip day? We’d love to hear more from you in the comments below.

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  7. Peanut Butter Dreams made Possible with Processors

    Peanut Butter Dreams made Possible with Processors

    Take a Robot Coupe food processor and a dream, and you have the foundation for a business. Megan Gibson had delicious ideas and dreams about developing a business revolving around her custom blends of peanut butters. She first got the bug when she tasted a spicy Haitian peanut butter.

    She worked hard with her commercial food processor to provide those fresh butters to the community. She started off in her kitchen, gradually shifting over to a space that gives kitchen space to local entrepreneurs. Then it was the food truck.

    Going from there, she got bigger and bigger. But then an equipment failure happened. She was feeding the homeless and making it work. She’s now got options at her disposal. She can take her recipes and sell them for distribution to the grocery store chains or decide to stay at the flea markets and craft fairs.

    Regardless of what she decides to do as an entrepreneur, she has still done quite a lot for the community – supporting and helping the homeless thrive with jars of healthy, all natural peanut butter. She longs to stay in front of the people, actively helping them… rather than being stuck at a phone selling.

    The Robot Coupe food processor helps out chefs who want to take their own cottage industry to the next level. It’s got plenty of mixing power, something that the home blenders miss out on. What do you say, up for a little peanut butter?

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  8. Dips!


    We talked a little bit earlier about how your Robot Coupe food processor could really make a business thrive. There are so many things that can be done with it. We love getting bar food from time to time, and when you’re watching a game, there’s nothing better than chips and dips. There are tons of dips which can be made in the Robot Coupe food processor.

    Yahoo Health points out that roasted red peppers makes an excellent foundation for dip. Take those, some breadcrumbs and some walnuts, blend it together with some pomegranate molasses, and you’ve got a dip that practically melts on your tongue.

    Going back to basics, there’s always the spinach artichoke dip. We love tasting that style of dip with pita points or bruschetta. This recipe from RealSimple brings in spinach, artichokes, and some whipped cream cheese to really take it home.

    If you’re still feeling it with the spinach, there’s a recipe from Damn Delicious that really takes it home. Spinach, Bacon, a little burst or two from the commercial food processor, and you’re good to go. You can get a little dippy if you want.

    What better way to use your Robot Coupe food processor than to take it for a spin on dips? Changing the menu at your restaurant can sometimes give it that boost that it needs.

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  9. We Make Dreams Come True

    We Make Dreams Come True

    Restaurant supply stores, whether they’re online or brick and mortar, often inspire dreams to happen. That spoodle might get you thinking about stock pots and those wonderful meatball dishes that your mother might have made, and then you’re off to the races. The best part about online restaurant supply stores is that you can get all of the inspiration and not have to put on shoes.

    For many chefs, food is more than ‘just something to do,’ it’s a personal adventure. When people on the reality shows say ‘put yourself on a plate’ there are millions of cooks out there who are dreaming of what they might be able to put on a plate to serve the judges as well. We’re with you.

    Now, we understand that being a restaurant chef isn’t all glitz and glamor like the people on the food shows would like you to think. It’s hard work. It’s sweat, it’s tears, it’s sometimes blood, and most of all there are a lot of long hours that go into making the best food in the world. And the coolest thing? It all starts at the restaurant supply store.

    A single commercial oven. A spoodle. Some bar supplies. Maybe a commercial fryer or two. All of these are the inception of dreams, something which many truly don’t understand. Here at Restaurant Supply, we’re with you.

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  10. Chicken and Doughnuts Next Big Thing?

    Chicken and Doughnuts Next Big Thing?

    Hide your commercial deep fryers, chicken and doughnuts are coming to town

    Speaking of dreams and the spark of inspiration caused by online restaurant supply stores… an especially inspiring restaurant will be opening its doors in Hendersonville, NC next month. HenDough, a restaurant devoted to chicken and doughnuts, will soon be making its way onto the scene.

    This is one place where diets will go astray and it will be one of the best experiences in the world. The restaurant expects to highlight lots of fried chicken, with a special look at the chicken sandwich. Comfort food will be rounding out the menu with offerings like mac and cheese, collard greens, and steak fries.

    We’re hoping to make a trip to the commercial deep fryer paradise. After all, there’s nothing that warms our hearts more than seeing some beautiful wings on a plate combined with the doughnuts that will soon make the place famous.

    This is the answer to the question, ‘what do you get when you pair an executive chef with a pastry chef?’ It’s definitely going to be a romp with everything that they’re offering. They’re even planning on locally sourcing their food, elevating their fare just one more notch.

    A wonderful addition to the food community, we’re looking forward to hearing about the success that HenDough receives. Who can turn down chicken and doughnuts? We certainly can’t.

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