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  1. Donate your Used Equipment this Holiday Season

    Donate your Used Equipment this Holiday Season

    This is the season for giving. Thanksgiving has just passed, and the Christmas season has officially begun. Huge swaths of people are now searching for the best gifts to give their friends, family, and coworkers. What about organizations devoted to giving back? They need help, too.

    Equipment fails from time to time, unfortunately. Even though we do everything we can, we can’t prevent breakdowns. This is where others can come in by donating True freezers and refrigeration equipment to charities that need them to run their operations.

    A local business in Pennsylvania has done something wonderful by helping out a philanthropist. Mike Dellavecchia makes sure that donated food makes it to others’ mouths every single day. Unfortunately, his freezer broke down, forcing him to rely on bags of ice and little mini coolers to transport the non-frozen food away.

    The appliance shop that was sent to help out Mr. Dellavecchia saw the trouble that he was in and donated a freezer to the cause so that more food can go to those who are in need. Take a look around to see if there are opportunities to do good by your fellow man. There’s a good chance that you’ll see those opportunities all around you. Spread some holiday cheer this year by donating your used equipment.

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  2. Corpus Christi Restaurant Serves Thanksgiving Every Week

    Corpus Christi Restaurant Serves Thanksgiving Every Week

    The Thanksgiving holiday is a time to give thanks for what we have and the sacrifices which have been made. We are instructed to count our blessings and to revel in the gathering of our family. Should this giving of thanks be relegated to only once a year? One restaurant doesn’t think so.

    The Portis Kountry Kitchen in Corpus Christi doesn’t think so. They pull out their finest restaurant silverware every Thursday for Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, green bean casserole, carrots, and the best mashed taters in the world come to the table every Thursday.

    The owner of the Portis, Maurice Portis, views his restaurant as a way to give back to the community and to help his friends and family. The Thanksgiving feast is just one way to help out residents. The only complaint that the owner receives is that he should open a restaurant in their part of town.

    According to local residents, this is one of the best places to get good homestyle cooked food. It’s got a limited menu, but what isn’t in the choices is made up for in the flavor. Every day, there are a few entrée selections and several sides. Now, that’s something that you can sink your restaurant silverware into.

    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Restaurant Supply!

    Is there a restaurant around your area that really hits the spot with their country cooking? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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  3. Restaurant Offers Free Meals on Thanksgiving

    Restaurant Offers Free Meals on Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is sure to bring out some of the turkeys in the world, but it also brings out some of the good in people. George Dimopoulos, a Greek immigrant, is heating up the commercial ovens and opening his commercial refrigerators to offer free meals in his restaurant to Detroit residents. He does it to honor the memory of the times when he was homeless and on the street.

    This is one of those things that Dimopoulos does from the heart. He came to America at 23 in 1969 and saved up enough money to open his own restaurant. He definitely remembers what it was like to have nothing to eat and nothing in his pocket.

    Now, he owns several restaurants and feeds people every day. And, as good news travels fast, he’s expecting to receive a lot of people at his restaurant for this Thanksgiving. He placed a sign in the window which reads, “George’s Thanksgiving Day Dinner. If anyone is home alone, come eat with us for free! All day Thurs November 26th.” There should be plenty of takers.

    Thanksgiving is about appreciating what you have and the sacrifices which have been made. If you’re in Detroit on Thanksgiving, you can also have a full tummy.

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  4. The Fake Food Artisans of Japan

    The Fake Food Artisans of Japan

    While you might want to take out the restaurant dinnerware for this, the food here is absolutely inedible. Today, we’re taking a look toward Osaka, Japan’s fake food capital. There, you can find sushi, tempura, and pizza, all made by a fake food artisan.

    If there is a type of food, there is someone out there who can make it fake. Fake food is something that you see everywhere – from the sushi bars to the grocery store. It is used mostly for advertising. Customers can see what the food looks like without the chef having to make sample plates every day. Even upscale Asian restaurants may have a display case of fake foods.

    Are you having trouble with your patrons not knowing or understanding what you serve? Fake food comes to the rescue by giving people an eyeful of what they can expect. Before some people can eat, they have to have some bit of familiarity – and the fake food delivers.

    Artisans create the fake food with love, crafting pieces of sushi from polyurethane and coloring them with spray paint. Each piece is made with love, as the machines that are out there can’t seem to make the food look real. Is there an uncanny valley for food?

    What type of marketing do you use for your food? Are there things on the menu that people just don’t’ understand? Tell us in the comments.

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  5. Many Restaurateurs Starting with Food Trucks

    Many Restaurateurs Starting with Food Trucks

    Does starting a food truck business take a different set of skills than creating a brick and mortar business? To open a successful food truck, you might need different restaurant equipment, but the same sort of know-how to really make it triumph over your competition.

    In fact, it’s almost like the later part of the season in any reality show. Where you were able to skate by with being pretty good, in the late part of the season you have to be great – and having a food truck makes the difference between good and great.

    Food trucks start the adventure in seeing whether diners are really into the concept that you’ve been dreaming about You’re pressured just a little further in that you are very close to those diners – and, where there was somewhere to hide as a restaurant manager, there’s nowhere to hide if you’re banging out the food in a truck grill.

    Other skills apply, too. You have to be able to put on a show and catch people’s attention. The marketing arm has to be in full swing when you’re running a food truck, as you’re going to be directly competing with the others who have entered your area. It’s hard, but it’s definitely worth it.

    For some, the food truck represents a stop on the way to the restaurant, but these days, the food truck is becoming the target.

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  6. Campbell's May Change Soup Recipe?

    Campbell's May Change Soup Recipe?

    There are rumors floating around that Campbell’s Soup company is going to be changing the recipe for their chicken noodle soup. They are actually only changing the recipe for the kid’s soup that they offer. These are with the Star Wars soup and the Frozen Shaped Pasta with Chicken in Chicken Broth. So, there will still be soup on the restaurant silverware.

    One of the biggest changes to the soups are in the simplification of the ingredients. They are taking out some of the artificial ingredients as well as some of the other things which might not be considered natural within the soup. They say, “we’re talking, thinking, and acting differently about the food we make.”

    Campbell’s wants to make an impact on the world by offering healthier alternatives to the kids. They “believe these actions will strengthen our relationships with loyal consumers, rekindle the connection with people who have long loved our brands but may have found alternatives and establish new connections with new generations of consumers.” It sounds like the famed soup company is looking for a restart or a revamp of their products.

    What will happen later, though? Do you think that the revered company will start creating products that turn away their base? Are you going to start using your restaurant silverware for other types of soups than Campbell’s because of their changes?

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  7. Immersion Blenders Make Soup Wonderful

    Immersion Blenders Make Soup Wonderful

    If you’re wanting to make soup, the best thing to do is to get a Robot Coupe immersion blender. Your award-winning tomato soup will come out quite creamy, and anything that you make with squash will come out that much better. Using the immersion blender is like blending from the inside out, and the process is perfectly made for soup specialists everywhere.

    We’re pretty sure that the restaurant that we went to the other day had an immersion blender from Robot Coupe on site. There was no way that the chicken soup could have been made so very thick and creamy without some of the blending action going on. We’re pretty sure that there were a lot of ingredients in the soup that didn’t really make the ingredient list, too.

    There are two types of soups out there. There are the blended types like the tomato and the squash and others like that. These are where the immersion blenders really shine. Then there are the plain soups which haven’t been touched by blending, but it’s still possible to really bring out the tastiness of the ingredients.

    Which types of soup do you like the best during the winter season? Are you blended or not?

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  8. Consumers More Conscious About Food Waste

    Consumers More Conscious About Food Waste

    You might have left your meal in the Moffat oven just a little bit too long and turned your perfectly good meal into perfectly good bits of leather. You might have left your heads of lettuce for too long in the fridge, and it started to grow mold cultures. What you end up with is wasted food. Whatever the reason for food waste, it’s still food waste. And when you waste food, you’re also throwing away all the resources that went into growing that food, too.

    People are becoming really aware of the resources that they’re spending on their food. And, fortunately, people are starting to take measures to make sure that not as much is being wasted. For example, there is a grocery store open in Boston which sells surplus food donated by grocery stores. There is a college which has taken out the trays.

    It all comes back to the waste, though. How can you eliminate it? How can you remove some of the impact that food has on the planet and the environment? Look for that sustainability in the production when you’re choosing which foods that you want to eat. How about starting a composting program? Remember that while there are some things that are unavoidable, you can help.

    Here’s an infographic which really outlines the amount of water which is spent for food.

    food and water waste infographic from smithsonian

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  9. Make your Big Purchases First when Designing your Kitchen

    Make your Big Purchases First when Designing your Kitchen

    When you shop at an online restaurant supply store, you’re selecting from the best of the best. Every single product that was chosen to be in the offerings, from the Manitowoc ice machines to the commercial freezers, were put there so that you could outfit the perfect commercial kitchen.

    Each kitchen is a haven, a sanctuary where your chef is going to be for countless hours over the restaurant’s lifespan. Having the proper restaurant equipment within your restaurant keeps the morale of your employees up, and through that, helps out your clientele.

    What goes into your perfect commercial kitchen? How would you set it up, given the blueprints of your restaurant? How are you planning on making that new restaurant dream into a reality with your online restaurant supply store?

    When we start outfitting, we usually begin with thinking about the large things inside the kitchen. The ovens, the freezers, and the refrigerators come first. And then it fills in from there to include shelving and other places to put the items. Most restauranteurs start with the plan of what they used to have, and then alter it in their head to come up with something even better.

    How do you design the perfect kitchen? Do you start with the big, then fill it in with the small? We’d love to know.

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  10. Does Your Restaurant Flatware need an Upgrade?

    Does Your Restaurant Flatware need an Upgrade?

    Everything that you bring into your restaurant, from your restaurant equipment to your restaurant flatware, makes an impression on your customers. Your customers look at everything when they come into your place. Quality is never something to let go by the wayside.

    Everyone who walks into your restaurant has the power to talk with their friends and share their experiences on social media applications like Yelp, Zomato, and Google. With that power, the stress of having something out of place can be tremendous. You may ask yourself a lot of questions. For instance, does your restaurant flatware need an upgrade?

    When you first started your restaurant, did you start off with the odds and ends of silverware coming from your house? Having a uniform approach to the flatware at your place contributes to the overall impressions that your customers will have. And of course, you'll want to keep it as clean as you can!

    While you don’t necessarily need the best of the best to keep your place running, you do need to have the most appropriate flatware for your decor. In fact, your flatware can be the centerpiece of your entire restaurant! What does your flatware say about you and your business?

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