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  1. Add To Your Bottom line With a Nemco Pizza Oven

    Add To Your Bottom line With a Nemco Pizza Oven

    When was the last time that you went into an independently owned and operated convenience store? There is such variety between them that it’s scary. You can find the latest in reading material, and you can find the best in pickled pig’s feet, too. It just depends on where you look. Something that seems to be universally liked is pizza.

    Your Nemco Pizza Oven works on any countertop. It’s set up to bake the small pizzas in just a matter of minutes, and the insides are easy to clean. These are little profit generators, as pizza is not only something which is well-loved, but something that people don’t really want to make at home.

    If you’ve got a little extra space in the store, it won’t hurt to give the pizza oven a try. You might find that you enjoy serving those pizzas to your patrons – that you enjoy serving them something convenient to eat while you’re providing them with gas and drinks.

    You can move the pizza oven to any surface, and there are built-in timers which will let you know when your food is done. It’s nearly foolproof for your convenience store. Put it on top of your favorite worktop refrigerator, and go to town.

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  2. The Nemco Easy Slicer Works Great!

    The Nemco Easy Slicer Works Great!

    Creating the perfect salad bar is even easier when you’ve got the Nemco Easy Slicer Vegetable Slicer. With the Nemco slicer in your kitchen, you can cut mounds and mounds of vegetables at uniform thickness, making for a delightful presentation.

    • The Nemco slicer speeds up the prep process by cleanly slicing any vegetable. There are several models available, but we prefer the extremely versatile adjustable cut for our needs.

    • You can choose the thickness that you desire. You’re not simply stuck with one thickness of vegetables, you can go from the ultra thin and friable to the thick salad slices with just a quick turn of the screw.

    • If you find that you don’t have any room on the counter, you can pick up the Nemco Easy Slicer Vegetable Slicer and move to another surface. It’s incredibly forgiving, and with the tray that you can put with it, it makes for the only choice in the kitchen.

    No matter what you’re slicing, whether you’re looking at onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, or cucumbers, you can’t go wrong with the vegetable slicer from Nemco. Additional accessories can be placed with the unit, too – so items can be more easily shredded, as well.

    Here’s a video which demonstrates the use of the Nemco Easy Slicer.

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  3. Beware of Shigella!

    Beware of Shigella!

    Do you know what’s in your food? There are many more bacteria out there than your standard salmonella. So, before you put your fresh veggies into your True deli case or True worktop refrigerator for making salads, be aware that you might get more than you bargained for. There could be shigella.

    Shigella is one of those bacteria which is passed on through direct human contact. And, while some people have a natural immunity toward this sickness, there is still no vaccine. The best way to severely reduce transmission of the shigella bacteria to your patrons is to make sure that everyone who is touching food is washing their hands.

    Shigella essentially attacks the digestive system, causing diarrhea, vomiting, and severe abdominal pain. It causes such dehydration that there have been many cases where people have been put into the intensive care unit. It’s not something to play with, and remains as a huge reason to wash your hands while handling food.

    93 people in a California restaurant were infected within the past week, and there are at least 500,000 cases of shigella reported every year. Fortunately, with such an easy way to prevent an outbreak, shigella isn’t heard about all too often.

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  4. More Than Just the Kitchen

    More Than Just the Kitchen

    You can get ovens, warmers, and walk-in refrigerators from restaurant supply stores, but their scope isn’t only the kitchen. You can get your janitorial supplies and bathroom supplies from them too. Clean bathrooms are just as important as clean kitchens – perhaps even moreso.

    Most people judge a restaurant on far more than the food that they ate there. They are judging that restaurant on the overall experience that the restaurant provides, from the parking lot to the restrooms. A trashy restroom, in some people’s eyes, translates to a trashy restaurant.

    So, when you’re cleaning the restroom from top to bottom, where do you begin? Well, we tend to start from the top.

    The mirrors – Use a potent window cleaner or simply water and vinegar, but the mirrors need to be cleaned. For your shorter employees, you can have them bring stepstools so that they can lean over and get all of the surfaces.

    The counters – Another set of cleaning materials can be used for this, though we’ve found that you can use the same sponges and rags to make the counter surfaces even cleaner.

    The floor – Mops, a little bit of bleach, and a good scrubbing all the way around. The restrooms should be attacked with vigor.

    Remember to focus more on the big things and then come down to the little things. You’re after a specific mood in the restroom – one that demonstrates that you care about your place. Make sure that the insides of the stalls are clean – your patrons will be spending time there, which gives them the chance to be more critical of their surroundings. Even if your food is awesome, a poor restaurant may drive a customer away. Keep them clean!

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  5. Do You Use a Toastmaster for your Bagels?

    Do You Use a Toastmaster for your Bagels?

    There are people within the Restaurant Supply family who like to eat the same thing every single day. For breakfast, it’s a toasted bagel with cream cheese and egg. For lunch, it’s a roast beef sandwich with a huge pickle, and for dinner it’s something with pork in it. This has been a traditional meal in the household for so long that this coworker got a commercial toaster to make it happen.

    In fact, the coworker was so enamored, that she got the Toastmaster BTW09 4 Slice Commercial Pop-Up Bagel Toaster. It definitely does the job by being able to toast 2 complete bagels at once. It’s definitely some interesting firepower to bring into the kitchen – to get the industrial strength commercial toaster going. Then again, she also toasts her bread for the roast beef sandwich, and sometimes she has toast for other meals, too.

    The commercial toaster is easy to clean with the stainless steel frame and the small tray that collects crumbs. It’s able to get these done fast, too – if our coworker decides to open up a restaurant, she can cook up to 300 slices per hour. This Toastmaster toaster is so dependable, she swears by it.

    Do you use a Toastmaster brand product? Let us know! Comment on our Facebook page.

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  6. Restaurant Flatware Types

    Restaurant Flatware Types

    What’s in your restaurant flatware? How is it made? Steel is made from a hybrid of metals, and with that hybrid comes quality designations. There are ratings for quality for your flatware, based on the strength of the metals within it. When you see numbers like 18/0, 18/10, and 18/8, that refers to the percentages of other elements that there are in the flatware.

    The 18 in 18/0 refers to the amount of chromium in the restaurant flatware. The 0 refers to the percentage of nickel. That nickel content is what increases the resistance to corrosion, meaning that the 18/0 flatware will stain over time, but it’s honestly still as strong as the other types of flatware that are out there.

    The lower grade of flatware offers several advantages, not the least of which being that those who are allergic to nickel don’t have to worry. The second is that when there is no nickel, that eliminates a higher priced metal for the flatware.

    Moving on, the 18/10 stainless steel means that there is 18% chromium and 10% nickel content. This provides a higher quality of flatware for your restaurant, as there’s a better appearance as well as more strength within the steel itself. It will be a little more expensive, but it might also be just the thing for your restaurant.

    The third type is the 18/8. This is just a slight bit down from the 18/10, so the price is just a bit lower. This is a lower nickel content for those with allergies, but you can get more stunning looks with the stainless steel.

    Stainless steel flatware is the only type of flatware that you should be using for your patrons. It is not only easier to clean, but it is also dishwasher safe.

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  7. Food Shortages in America

    Food Shortages in America

    While you might be cleaning off your restaurant flatware, there are others out there who are trying to get a decent meal. Today, we’re going to talk about a subject which is uncomfortable, but a necessary one to broach: food shortage. We’ve touched on some things that you can do (like eating ugly vegetables) to help do your part to reduce the food waste.

    Let’s take a look at some of the statistics about poverty and food security. These are from – a nonprofit devoted to solving the food shortage problems in America.

    For one, food insecurity is everywhere. It’s not just something that you can ignore because it’s not in your area. And, as it’s one of those embarrassing topics for you and your friends to talk about – it might be something that your friends are going through and you don’t have a clue.

    • Food insecurity exists in every county in America, ranging from a low of 4% in Slope County, ND to a high of 33% in Humphreys County, MS.

    • 14% of households in 2014 were food insecure. 6% of households experienced very low food security. In total, this represents over 24 million households within the United States.

    • 46.7 million people were in poverty in 2014.

    These statistics, combined with the fact that food prices are rising, means that more people are going to the food banks, placing a strain on those. It also means that there are more people out there who just need help. As restaurants who specialize in preparing delicious food, what can you do to help out your fellow man?

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  8. Food Safety Gone Wrong

    Food Safety Gone Wrong

    Food safety vigilance is necessary to make sure that patrons of your restaurant leave just as healthy as they entered. That means that making sure that all of the restaurant’s equipment is clean, as well as all of the restaurant shelving and that the food that is being served is of the utmost quality.

    You’ve most likely read some of the many stories about restaurants who have not come through.

    • There was a story from Perry County, Pennsylvania, that had mildew-like growth on the shelving areas in their walk-in cooler.

    • A story from the Statesman Journal in Oregon talks about shelving which has unnecessary litter and dust scattered throughout.

    • “Observed work-table surfaces, under-counter shelving and can opener not cleaned to sight/touch.” This is from the Houston Chronicle, when talking about inspections from just this week.

    Since health inspections are generally unannounced, the first order of business is to make sure that the shelves are wiped down on a regular schedule to avoid dust buildup.

    Going further still, it’s necessary to disinfect your restaurant shelving to eliminate any potential mold or mildew-like growth in the coolers. While the growth of mold and mildew is slowed in the fridge, it’s not eliminated (as witnessed by the many college ‘experiments’ out there).

    What does your cleaning schedule look like? Remember, if your staff has time to lean, they’ve got time to clean.

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  9. Why We Do This In The First Place

    Why We Do This In The First Place

    One of the greatest and most rewarding parts about being in the restaurant supply business is that we’re responsible for helping dreams happen. The reward is not specifically from selling a commercial stove, an orbital mixer, or thousands of forks and spoons, but it comes from what these things represent. For many, being in the restaurant business represents a dream fulfilled, and we provide the fuel to keep those dreams alive.

    Your restaurant, whether it’s located in Bristol, CT or Seattle, WA, is your baby. You build it from the ground up. Perhaps you don’t literally pour the concrete or put up the drywall, but you pour your heart and soul into the endeavor. You are responsible for helping the venture thrive, and it is through you that legends of your restaurant will be created and carry on.

    We are honored to serve all of you. You are the ones who have the creativity and the drive to help your dreams come true. You are the ones who take it to the next level, by offering food that your patrons love. You are the ones who put yourselves on the plate every day. You’re prepping your kitchens, training your servers, and helping your communities.

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  10. Why Buy Online?

    Why Buy Online?

    Home chefs are in love with restaurant supply stores. And why shouldn’t they be? For those who cater their own events, throw the parties, or simply want something that’s meant to last at home, a restaurant supply store represents a great alternative.

    Psst. They’re usually cheaper, too.

    If you get your restaurant supplies from an online site, you’re most likely going to pay a lot less than a department store. That means more money for more gear, or better ingredients! Some people believe that you have to purchase in bulk at a restaurant supply store, but that's incorrect. True, some of the gear may be a little plain, but it's what the pros use and that's what counts. Why not get something that's built to last?

    Buying your home cooking equipment from a restaurant supply store gives you top gear at a cheaper price. That’s pretty much the best of both worlds, and, considering with the fact that you can simply order it and have it shipped to your door? That makes home planning a snap.

    Some will still prefer to shop in a regular store and pay the regular price for goods, and for some gear like a chef's knife that's not surprising. But for those who like to save money and really take advantage of the deals and discounts that restaurant-specific stores offer… pick the online restaurant supply store.

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