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  1. Use Blodgett for Big Braising

    Use Blodgett for Big Braising

    Having the right restaurant equipment in your kitchen is crucial to making the best dishes. You might have a huge pot for soup, but what about braising your meat for chili or for stew? Those folks who need to do large-volume braising turn to Blodgett braising pans.

    Think about these pans as some of the most versatile pans in your kitchen arsenal. You can take care of several pounds of meat, or make sure and make sure that hamburger is browned to perfection before building the chili. You can take large volumes of stew and cook it all at once.

    Braising is a two step process. You sear it, then you cook your meat in liquid for a long time. This is perfect for stews and other foods that you want to get all of the juices come out into the water. Slow cooked proper chili requires that you use the braising technique.

    The stainless steel Blodgett braising pans are easy to work with, as they’re gas powered. These pans are also easy to clean. The key is to look for the right size to really make it happen.

    There are several types of braising pans from which to choose for your commercial kitchen. You can start with 30 gallons, and go up from there. Try one soon to see how well they work.

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  2. Clean Greens with Dynamic Salad Spinners

    Clean Greens with Dynamic Salad Spinners

    We love great salads here at Restaurant Supply, and believe that every great salad should have crisp, bacteria-free greens at its heart. Keeping those greens free from spoilage is of great priority in the kitchen. After all, the longer the salad lasts, the longer you can sell it. This is the reason that Dynamic Salad Spinners were invented.

    Salad spinners are devices which separate the water from the lettuce leaves with centrifugal force. By spinning the greens around, you are removing the water from the surface, minimizing bacterial growth. Surprisingly enough, these salad spinners were invented in the 1800’s, but they weren’t popularized until the early 1970’s.

    There are a few styles for modern salad spinners, including the crank, button, and electric.

    Dynamic Salad Spinners come in either manual (crank) or electric. With the crank, you are able to control the speed which the salad is rotating inside, though the volume of salad is what you’d get with a larger, electric spinner.

    The electric spinners, what most of the Dynamic Salad Spinners are, are used in kitchens throughout the country. They push the water off of the greens, making them just a bit safer from foodborne illnesses.

    There are plenty of models of salad spinner from which to choose. It depends on the volume of salad that you want to spin.

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  3. Need a Cambro Food Carrier for your Catering Event?

    Need a Cambro Food Carrier for your Catering Event?

    We’re getting close to September, which means that the kids are almost all back in school and the beautifully HOT summer weather is almost over. But it is still warm enough for people to have a lovely evening meal outside. This means that there’s ample opportunity for outdoor catered events and Cambro Food Carriers.

    Any of these carriers make a perfect addition to a caterer’s arsenal of portable food trays. They can be used to bring the extras or the main meals, depending on how many fixins that a client needs. One of the indispensable features of the Cambro Food Carriers is that they do exactly as advertised: let you carry food without your worrying about temperature.

    While you might not have a portable stove on the premises, you can still keep your cooked food with you inside of these dishwasher-safe carriers. Caterers everywhere sing their praises, as Cambro is one of the most trusted brands  in the catering industry.

    You’re even able to keep these cold by putting some ice packs into the container. Or fill them with hot water to warm up the food.  So, are you catering a few events this time of year? Get your squash on with your caterer.  Try the Cambro Food Carrier for your next event.

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  4. The Belleco Conveyor Toaster

    The Belleco Conveyor Toaster

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what is the most important breakfast food? There are eggs and you can have your bacon, but for us it’s the bagel. Nothing says breakfast so aptly like a freshly toasted bagel with a good coating of flavored cream cheese.

    If your restaurant wants to make the bagel dreams of your patrons a reality, it’s time to take a look at the most important tool of the trade when it comes to bagel toasting. The Belleco Conveyor Toaster. Indeed, these toasters can handle up to 500 slices per hour. That’s a LOT of bagels.

    Fortunately, there are a lot of bagel flavors out there to keep the most hardcore bagel aficionado happy. Some of the folks in the office love to have their onion bagels with the lox spread. Apparently, that tastes great with a couple leaves of lettuce.

    For those that want the sweet introduction to the morning, there’s the cranberry with regular cream cheese. The key, as we said, to making it super special is the Belleco Conveyor toaster working in the background – how else can you serve the masses?

    Texas toast makes great sandwich material, too. This makes having the conveyor toaster on hand perfect for the lunch crowd. Innovation through restaurant equipment, it’s your menu.

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  5. Consider a Robot Coupe Juicer for your Restaurant

    Consider a Robot Coupe Juicer for your Restaurant

    Everybody’s juicing these days. And why not? There are some dynamite fruits and veggies to juice, and the combinations are absolutely endless. You might choose to have a little beet juice with your celery, or you might decide to get sweet and put in the apples with the carrots. If you’re opening a juice shop anywhere, you want to have a Robot Coupe Juicer in your shop.

    Here are some combinations of ingredients that you use in your Robot Coupe Juicer if you want to join the juicing scene. We’re sure that some of the major players of the juicing scene in NYC have some permutations of these ingredients.

    This first simple recipe is easy for you to make at home or in your restaurant. All it takes is a medium apple, 2 soft pears, and a half cup of cherries with the pits removed. Put it together and you have a healthy one that’s hitting on all fronts. (juice recipe from

    Put together your antioxidants, and you have blueberries, strawberries, and mango. These three, when put together, are an amazing super-harmonized juice extravaganza. This recipe is also from, and is listed as the antioxidant supreme.

    Frankly, we love the simple ones that you can put together with items that are already found around your restaurant. It’s easy to take a few bananas and strawberries to serve them to your favorite customers. Cool smoothies for hot days and a Robot Coupe Juicer. What more could you ask?

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  6. School Food Trends Forcing Schools to Buy New Equipment

    School Food Trends Forcing Schools to Buy New Equipment

    We were looking through the trends section again, this time in, and we discovered some of the trends that were taking over the schools. Middle and high school kids are becoming more aware of their eating habits and the health options which are associated with it. There are certain restaurant supplies which make these trends easier to accommodate, too.

    Let’s take, for example, the idea of made from scratch pizza. Honestly, while there are some people out there who still crave the not much better than cardboard pizzas of their youth, having something which has been created from scratch can really make the difference.

    So, in order to really pull it off, you need pizza cutters, but it’s also helpful to have a Nemco pizza oven with you on the premises – just to make sure that it’s made right. Maybe a True worktop refrigerator to make things even easier? That way you can keep everything all in one place.

    Maybe have a pizza station where students can have made from scratch crusts, and put their own toppings on the pizza? It’s definitely possible. Students and teachers are definitely becoming more savvy about their choices, and being pleased with food means that they’re likely to do better on tests. No one does well when they're hungry!

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  7. The Proverbial Hole-in-the-Wall

    The Proverbial Hole-in-the-Wall

    There are many ways that restaurants can go about making a name for themselves. They could be upscale, choosing only the finest, most exclusive ingredients. They could serve simple yet tasty food. Even a tiny kitchen can turn out culinary masterpieces. The proverbial hole-in-the-wall is known for tasty food in a small space.

    If you’re serving only two people, like at the ‘Solo Per Due’ in Italy, you don’t have to make a production out of it – just make sure that the food there is wonderful. These guys do by giving diners an experience that they will never forget. Candlelit walks, waiters called at your discretion, and more.

    We know that when the world’s smallest restaurants need more space, they resort to True worktop refrigerators. True worktop refrigerators are absolutely perfect in these sorts of environments, as they are designed with small spaces in mind. And if you're only serving two people, you don't need a lot of space! There’s nothing that beats a nice intimate meal for two, though one wonders where the chefs and the wait staff get to wait around!

    If you’re looking to scope out the latest in small dining, take a look at this list from The Daily Meal. A large and busy restaurant isn't necessarily a great one!

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  8. The Thermaco Big Dipper

    The Thermaco Big Dipper

    When you’re in the kitchen, one of the major things that you have to handle is the grease which gets all over everything in a high-pressure cooking environment. The dishwasher has plenty on their mind, including the fact that grease and water must be separated somehow, else there are huge clogs ahead. Fortunately, the Thermaco Big Dipper is on the scene.

    The Thermaco Big Dipper doesn’t necessarily make water and grease messes become a thing of the past, but it does help to have one on site. The machine is constructed of stainless steel, and it’s made of corrosion resistant materials – materials which are created to last a lifetime. It’s also set up for easy cleaning, which takes the headaches out of dealing with grease in the first place.

    So, if you’re working at a place where you’ve got grease everywhere, and you’re getting a lot of clogs in the kitchen, this might just be the thing for you. Fry cooks and diners everywhere can rejoice n the fact that there’s a tool for getting rid of the grease, conveniently collecting it for easy disposal. So, it’s definitely time to fry with impunity.

    Have you seen the Thermaco Big Dipper in action? Here’s some great footage for you.

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  9. Robot Coupe Blixer 60

    Robot Coupe Blixer 60

    When you work in institutional foodservice, you have to think big. Really big. There are thousands of you depending on you to get that soup, stew, puree, or other heavenly delight to the table, and not just anything will do. Certainly not the average, run-of-the-mill blender. That thing will peter out after the first 10 or 20 runs, and it takes all day. That’s why the big-time institutional chefs choose the Robot Coupe Blixer 60.

    Take a blender and a mixer. Make them friends. Then make them big. That’s what you get in the Robot Coupe 60 – a 63 quart mixer that makes your blending easy. Need some tomato soup in less time than it takes to grow the tomatoes? Yes. There you go. How about a full stainless steel assembly mechanism? Yes, that too.

    Are you working at a food bank and need to have a freshly mixed giant dough ball? This will make it for you, as it’s got a hook just for the occasion. This device makes serving thousands a whole lot easier.

    16 horsepower, too. It really packs a punch at up to 3600 rpm. It’s not going to sit there and make revving noises, the Robot Coupe Blixer 60 will get the job done.

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  10. Food Service Trends Seen in 2015

    Food Service Trends Seen in 2015

    Let’s start this week off with a small discussion about food service trends. There are types of cooking as food service trends, of course, but today we’re going to talk a little bit more about meaningful foodservice trends. A survey from Trendystia MRC recently released its most meaningful restaurant trends for the upcoming quarter.

    There are several food artists which have gone the artisanal route for their food and drink. We’ve talked about some of the spirits available, but we’ve also talked about the trends toward pickling and other forms of fermentation.

    Diners are looking for food which has had time to prepare, time to seep in its own juices. They want products which aren’t just whipped out, but are created with the love that they come to expect from chefs.

    Patrons want their food slow, but they also want to have an experience when they walk into the restaurant. There are so many ways to deliver this that chefs are finding ways to top themselves and serve their customers. Whether the customer wants some deep-fried pickles or some oven-baked delicacies, chefs are able to deliver them in many new and exciting ways.

    With these two working in tandem with one another, there’s also the push toward more artisanal drinks and being more understanding of food allergies and other irritations that come up within the chef’s world.

    What trends are you noticing within your establishment?

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