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  1. A Beast of a Can Opener

    A Beast of a Can Opener

    When you have more cans than you know what to do with and you’ve got thousands of customers, patients, students, or inmates waiting for what you serve, only the Extreme Duty Crown Punch Can Opener will do. This type of can opener is perfect for industrial sized cooking.

    The one we’re talking about will take off over 3,000 lids a day, almost to the point of automating the process. It’s effective, and a high-powered tool for high-powered work. The best part about the Edlund 625A is that there is an Alligator lid removal system.

    The hydraulic can opener isn’t for every operation, but when you absolutely need firepower on your side, this is the one. A side benefit of this can opener is that it’s also easy to clean, so if there are spills, they’re easily wiped up. The machine only works when the chamber is closed, as it’s dangerous to let workers run it without training. The best part about this can opener is that it’s USDA approved – the process of opening cans is easier than ever before. There are even specific attachments that you can use for specific types of purposes.

    Delicious dishes on a large scale can come out faster and easier from the kitchen with the Edlund 625A.  It's tough, reliable, and the only can opener that you’ll need in  your industrial kitchen.

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  2. Grilling Doesn't Always Remove Fat

    Grilling Doesn't Always Remove Fat

    We were reading an article yesterday which talked about the secret dangers of grilling, and it got us  thinking. Are there dangers of grilling that we don’t know about? And, truth be told, the only really dangerous thing about grilling itself is setting things on fire.

    The real gist of the article was that the foods that you might be putting on the grill are fatty, and they’re remain so even if you don’t deep fry them or pan fry them. So, a hot dog that has fat will still be pretty fatty once you take it off of the fire.

    There is no secret formula that will remove calories, fats, and sugars from a grilled dish other than burning it or using foods that have fewer calories. You would do well, however, to clean your grill on a regular basis – preferably after the grill has cooled down. You’ll have a lot less hassle, cleaner food, and fewer carcinogens that way.

    So, deep fried oreos with a panko crust covered in whipped cream and then sealed in a dough shell… then grilled… is not going to remove the calories, the fat, or the carbohydrates from the meal. It’s just going to add little lines on the outside.

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  3. What Can you Learn from McDonald's?

    What Can you Learn from McDonald's?

    Did you know that McDonald’s was one of the top five largest employers in the world? They have 1.9 million employees, serving billions of Big Macs worldwide. According to the company, there are an estimated 550 million Big Macs sold each year, making for about 17 per second. What principles brought this company to the top?


    Regardless of what you feel about the quality of McDonald’s food in your country, the Filet O’Fish in Savannah, Georgia is going to be the same as the Filet O’Fish in Paducah, Kentucky. That type of multi-chain consistency is what all companies aim for.

    Best Equipment

    Every McDonald’s is equipped with the best restaurant equipment. From commercial deep fryers to the work stations, the management teams know that they will get the best work when they are working with the right equipment.

    Quality Standards

    McDonald’s is working to change the image that the world has of them. They are striving to prove to people that just because they’re buying in bulk, they are still able to produce quality food. Because of that, they are still at the top of their game, as they have been for the past 40 years.

    What lessons can you take from the McDonald’s model? Just because you run a single sit-down restaurant doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from the big guys. Take a few moments and tell us about it in the comments.

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  4. Are your Restrooms Clean?

    Are your Restrooms Clean?

    Today, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the inspection requirements for restaurant restrooms. It’s necessary to make sure that the facilities are adequate, not only for the customer’s first impression, but for their health.

    Here is a general checklist of what is expected for your restaurant’s toilet facilities.

    • ALL hand sinks are equipped with hand-cleaning soap, paper towels, or hand drying device, warm water, and a conveniently located waste receptacle.
    • All restrooms must have at least one covered waste receptacle and toilet tissue.
    • Hand washing signs must be posted.
    • Toilets/toilet rooms must be clean, in good repair, and free of objectionable odors.

    These standards are easy to maintain, and checks should be performed at least once an hour or so within your restaurant. It’s your responsibility to provide clean areas for all of the guests. In fact, one of the big drivers of negative reviews are dirty bathrooms. A dirty bathroom can directly affect your bottom line!

    Taking it one step further, make sure that there is proper disposal of sewage and waste water from your facility, as there are potential penalties from the inspector if these simple criteria are not met.

    Want a perfect review? Make sure that your bathrooms are kept up with the right bathroom supplies and equipment.

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  5. The Humble Pot Sticker

    The Humble Pot Sticker

    At Restaurant Supply, we love food. It doesn’t matter what type of food you like, there’s most likely someone here who loves it as well. We’ve devoted time on this blog to French fries and dim sum, but we’ve been remiss. We haven’t spent enough time talking about the pot sticker.

    There are variations of the pot sticker in nearly every Asian culture. There are gyoza in Japan, there are mandu in Korea, and there are momo in Nepal. No matter what you call them, there are two components which make up the pot sticker: the dough and the filling. The method of cooking also changes, but whether steamed or pan fried, they are always delicious.

    The dough of the pot sticker is usually a simple flour and water mixture rolled out to envelop a small dollop of filling. The gyoza usually has a thinner covering, where the pot sticker has a thicker version.

    Filling can be made of pork, chicken, shrimp, or anything that the chef desires. If it can be ground, then it can become filling for these wonderful morsels. There are even vegetarian versions of pot stickers for those who prefer them.

    We adore pot stickers and would love to hear more about where the best pot stickers can be found.

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  6. Avoid Generic Restaurants

    Avoid Generic Restaurants

    This weekend, we had the chance to go to a New York styled Italian place for a couple of plates of pasta.  We got a little more than we bargained for with the little kids running around and the loud atmosphere.  It was the type of place that one would go to after a baseball game – not the type that you would go to for a sweet candlelight dinner.

    Most Italian restaurants that we’ve been to don’t even attempt to raise the bar on their food. It was just generic pasta, kind of like the generic Mexican food that you’ll find in places.  Drown some noodles out with some sauce, and you’ve got it made.  There was nothing to speak of about the place. Even though the service staff had some love, the chefs in the kitchen were content to slop noodles along with sauce onto a plate.

    When you purchase equipment like a pasta cooker, though you still have the choice on whether you want to take the care necessary to really stand out.  You have the choice about whether to use frozen food, and you have the choice about whether to make your own noodles or simply buy them by the ton at a Restaurant Depot or a Costco. That’s one of the biggest decision makers that any Italian restaurant owner has to make, and most of the time the easiest route is chosen.

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  7. Modern Theater Food

    Modern Theater Food

    It’s common knowledge that the way that movie theaters make their money is through the concessions rather than the ticket prices.  In many cases, the studio is reimbursed for the cost of the movie in the first week or two, but the theaters are able to make money on the concessions in the second and third week.  That’s one of the reasons that independent theaters and chains are eager to see great movies come through their doors.

    The newer theaters are staring to offer more food options to their patrons.  We’ve gone far beyond the popcorn and overpriced candy. We’ve seen nachos, pretzel displays, miniature and full-sized pizza displays, and more.  If you want to get out your commercial deep fryer, you can partake of deep-fried Oreos at one of the best drive-ins in the country.

    With the way that prices are rising across the board, movie theaters are having to find ways to compete for the entertainment dollars of the people in their area.   That means having some of the tastiest food, the best movies, and the most comfortable seats.  It’s not about the movies, it’s about the concessions.

    So, how is your theater competing for your dollars?  Do they have the best pretzels ever made?  Are you getting more than you expected with their offerings?  Let us know in the comments.

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  8. National Sushi Day

    National Sushi Day

    Today, we’re celebrating something near and dear to our culinary hearts.  It’s the day that Jiro dreamed about, National Sushi Day.   In our spare time, we’re searching for the best sushi in our area and throughout the US.  Fortunately for us, there are a few sites which have compiled lists of the best sushi in America.

    These restaurants hail from all around the country.  We’ve listed out the restaurants which rank in the top 5.

    Arami, Chicago, IL

    Having both fish loving and vegetarian options, Arami suits patrons with both its style and excellent food.

    Arigato Sushi, Santa Barbara, CA

    Let’s take a trip to California, where one might expect that their sushi would be grand.  These folks specialize in plating, making their food look like the art that it is supposed to be.

    Masa, New York, NY

    The best sushi comes from the best ingredients, which is what Masa Takayama, the owner of Masa feels.  While pricy, the sushi at Masa is heavenly.

    O-Ya, Boston, MA

    Tim Cushman likes to experiment with the finest ingredients, bringing the best food to the plate at his restaurant.  One might experience food which is out of the ordinary but absolutely delicious.

    Morimoto, Philadelphia, PA

    The Morimoto.  This is where people from all around the world can experience the Iron Chef’s cooking.  It doesn’t take much to get your mouth watering here.

    There are just so many choices to celebrate national sushi day.  Perhaps your restaurant might want to pick up a sushi case and start a legacy of your own?  We’d love to hear you in the comments.

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  9. Smoothies and Slushies

    Smoothies and Slushies

    The summer months are hellish in certain parts of the country.  Temperatures reach over 100 degrees, and it’s just getting started. At least we can console ourselves with slushes and smoothies!

    Slushies and smoothies are the perfect afternoon delights, especially when one has been traveling out on summer vacation.  There’s nothing better than drinking a strawberry banana smoothie on the road.

    Needless to say, we get incredibly excited when we see a smoothie machine in a store, sitting on the countertop and spinning frozen delights around.  It makes us want one! The biggest question is, ‘what flavor will it be?” But, we’re always pleased. It’s hard to go wrong with smoothies.

    You can put any fruit that you want into the mix, including berries and lemons.  If you’re feeling experimental with your convenience store, you can also put in something different – something which stands out like lemon raspberry smoothies.

    What’s your favorite smoothie summer treat?  Do you prefer to have those or something a little bit more alcoholic in your slushy and smoothie machine?  Word of warning though, alcoholic smoothies will just make you thirstier! Let us know in the comments about your favorite smoothie and slushie experiences. Or tell us why we’re wrong about smoothies and slushies!

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  10. Basic Cooking Methods

    Basic Cooking Methods

    When you think about the kitchen, it’s difficult not to think about the wide variety of cooking methods which are available to every chef.  There’s broiling, simmering, poaching, baking, steaming, blanching, braising, and more.  You could literally cook something in a different way each day of the week.   Let’s take a closer look at some cooking methods.


    Not to be confused with ‘bruising,’ braising starts off with a sear, then moves into letting it simmer in liquid for a while.  Think of it as a double-pronged approach to cooking which gives large cuts of meat their flavor.


    For those who love their chilis and one-pot cooking stoves, simmering is the way to go.  This method has chefs cooking soups and stews over low heat to allow the flavors to seep into the mix.  You’ll most often see this in chilis, where the chef wants to let the flavors marry.


    Boiling involves putting what you want cooked into boiling liquid and cooking it that way.  Anything can be boiled, from vegetables to meats, though it’s most effective with root vegetables like potatoes (as they can be pureed).

    These are three of the most popular methods for cooking food, though there are several more.  We’re also fond of frying ad baking as cooking methods. What are your favorites?  What do you think can’t be done? Tell us in the comments. 

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