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  1. LED Candles are Safer

    LED Candles are Safer

    For romantic settings, the cliche is to use candles. But there are many more options than normal candles for the table.   You can choose to go for subtly illuminating tealights, or you can expand your repertoire a little bit to have flameless LED candles.  There are some candle-like solutions which come with remote controls!

    One of the questions that you have to ask yourself as a restaurant owner is do you value the authenticity of having a real candle at the table over the safety of having simply an LED?  What is truly the difference?

    Well, wax candles will drip the wax all over the table if you’re not careful.  They can stain your tablecloths. The longer that your patrons stay, the more likely you’re going to have a mess to clean up when they’re done with their meal. Candles have to have holders too, but many types of holders are easy to knock over. This is a fire hazard to you, your workers, the restaurant patrons, and even your business.

    We suggest giving Hollowick LED Candles a try. They are flameless and also last a lot longer than the regular candles.  You can charge and recharge them without having to worry about replacing them.  In many cases, they last longer than the relationships that they’re celebrating!

    You can have romantic dinners at your restaurant without having to worry about the waxy results of real candlelight.  Purists may disagree, but the soft lighting of an LED candle is just the same.

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  2. Soothe your Soul with French Onion Soup

    Soothe your Soul with French Onion Soup

    Soups nourish the body as well as the soul.  There’s nothing that beats a great soup on a cold day, but most of the folks here at Restaurant Supply are known for having soups year round.   Ranked above all of them is French Onion Soup.

    This soup is incredibly simple in nature.  Caramelize some onions, get some beef broth, put in a little bread and some cheese, and there you go.   This soup can be rustic and simple, or it can be incorporated into the menus of the most elegant fine dining establishments.  The combination of savory and sweet hits almost every note.

    When we order French onion soup, we get a small thrill when we see the ceramic onion soup crock brought out to the table.  We know that the process of caramelization and preparation took hours, and all of those efforts are quite appreciated by the diners.  As Daniel Gritzer says in Serious Eats, there’s no excuse for poor French onion soup.

    French onion soup as listed as one of the 25 best soups in Cooking Light.  Recipes for this culinary delight are included everywhere, from Cooking Channel TV to the five star offering at Bon Appetit.  A search for French onion soup recipes yields variations which land all over the map.

    So, if you’re running out of ideas to fill your crockware, French onion soup is definitely a winner. Not only will it please your guests’ tummies, but it will please their soul.

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  3. Hooray for the Start of Grilling Season!

    Hooray for the Start of Grilling Season!

    Memorial Day marked the official start of vacation season and grilling season.  Isn’t it time to take some of the cooking facilities outside to enjoy the warmer weather?  To land those catering customers, you might consider one of the MagiKitch’n high performance outdoor gas grills.

    These guys do it all, too.  They cook your meat to perfection with the 20K BTU energy output.  The wheels make the whole unit able to move over whatever terrain that you throw at it.  Since it’s a gas grill, there’s no need to figure out where to put the plug.  All you need to bring is a cooler for the meat, and you’re all set to work some magic in the backyard.

    One of the coolest parts about this outdoor grill is that it’s got individual burner controls for precision cooking.  It’s like hibachi magic is just waiting to happen, transporting your guests away from the humdrum of the kitchen into seizing a little bit of paradise.

    Now, when you pick a grill, there are so many that you can choose from. The MagiKitch’n is a powerhouse which is five feet of cooking and grilling power.  Five feet of magic happening, and with a pro like you at the controls, the results will indeed be magic.

    Learn some grilling tips from famous chef Alton Brown.

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  4. Undercounter Glasswashers Make Bartending Easier

    Undercounter Glasswashers Make Bartending Easier

    It’s Friday night and you’re behind the bar.  You’re busting your butt, and they’re sending back the empties faster than you can serve them.  The main commercial dishwasher is already full, and you’ve got another mad rush coming your way.  What do you do?

    Get your bar back to use the Fagor AD-21W Undercounter Dishwasher.  It busts out an amazing 27 racks per hour. In a little over a minute you’re ready to go again.  This miracle really keeps your bar going.  The best part about it is that there is a booster heater built in, so you’re able to sterilize the glasses every time..

    While bartenders don’t necessarily think about the energy savings that equipment has, managers do.  This commercial glasswasher is Energy Star qualified, making it an easy way to save water in your restaurant.

    The best part is that the footprint isn’t too large so it fits neatly underneath the counter, tucked away with the undercounter refrigerator or one of the other bar coolers.  Your bar back can keep the operation going, making sure that there’s enough glasses for everyone.

    As your business grows, whether you’re running a full service restaurant or a hotel bar, it’s necessary to keep you working on the floor rather than worried about whether your glasses are clean.

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  5. Broiling Explained

    Broiling Explained

    Broiling.  Broiling isn’t one of the most popular food preparation methods in the US, according to an NRA survey, but broiling is still an essential part of many restaurants’ menus.  Here at Restaurant Supply, we’re very fond of broiled food as it’s healthier than a few other methods.

    What’s the difference between baking and broiling?

    Baking in an oven heats the entirety of the oven, attempting to create a uniform temperature throughout the entirety of the chamber.

    Broiling, on the other hand, centers the heat from the top of the oven to cook some parts of the food more than the rest.  This technique is used as a finishing technique for certain dishes.

    For example, in this recipe for Slow-Cooker Thai Style Ribs, the broiling technique is introduced at the end of the cooking time, only to add a little crispiness to the already cooked (for 8 hours, sounds delish!) ribs.

    What can be broiled?

    Tons of things!  Broiling isn’t strictly for meat or fish.  Your broiler can be used as a cheesemelter, but it can also be used for other high impact kitchen tasks.  Add a little bit of a crust to the salmon, or make that grilled taco sing with some of these Betty Crocker broiler recipes.

    Commercial broiler vs. Home broiler?

    If you’ve got a commercial broiler in your restaurant’s arsenal, there’s a high likelihood that you’re cooking steaks and other proteins at volume.  A specialized piece of equipment, the Southbend Single Deck Gas Infrared Broiler comes to the rescue when working at scale.

    Commercial restaurant equipment is also built for the long haul, providing the speediest broiling times around.

    Take your cooking to the next level by putting a commercial broiler into your restaurant.

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  6. InSinkErator is THE Garbage Disposal of Choice

    InSinkErator is THE Garbage Disposal of Choice

    All commercial kitchens need a good garbage disposal. Too many people waste food. In a large kitchen, there’s not enough time to scrape plates clean, and dumpster space is valuable. Pro kitchens turn to one trusted brand for their food disposal needs, InSinkErator. They invented the device back in 1927 and have been the leader in commercial food disposal units ever since.

    For a standard-sized sink at a small restaurant, any unit 1 horsepower or less is enough to grind up all that extra food. But most restaurants aren’t small and more power is needed. If you need to grind all the time, InSinkErator sells units from 1 ¼ horsepower all the way to huge 10 horsepower disposals. That’s stronger than many lawnmowers! That particular unit, the SS-1000, was designed for stadium-sized crowds that need rapid disposal of food waste without filling giant dumpsters. Most restaurants won’t need anything larger than a 2 horsepower model, but we offer the big ones for our larger customers.

    With InSinkErator, you’ll have the most trusted brand of garbage disposals in America working in your kitchen. Don’t settle for anything lesser. To see our complete line of InSinkErator disposals, check out our catalog page here.

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  7. How to Choose Flatware

    How to Choose Flatware

    Flatware may seem like a pretty easy thing to buy. It’s just a matter of getting the right pattern and having everything match right? There’s actually more to it than that! The material it is made out of and how it is constructed are also big factors that determine the quality.

    Flatware is normally made of stainless steel, since true silverware will tarnish easily and is hard to clean in the restaurant environment. But there are several types of stainless steel used for flatware: 18/10, 18/8, and 18/0. The first number says how much chrome is in the steel, which is the important part to make steel stainless. The second number is how much nickel is in there as well. Nickle softens the shine of the chrome to make it look more like silver. The higher the nickel percentage, the more silver-like the flatware looks.

    Then there is how the pieces are made. They could be poured from molds (hollow handled), stamped, or forged. Each category is heavier than the one proceeding. Which weight you choose is a matter of choice, though very light pieces of flatware may feel flimsy and low-quality compared to heavier ones.

    Style, weight, and material are the key features to look for when choosing flatware or silverware. For more information, check out our utensils page.

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  8. Keep your Kitchen from Becoming Steamy

    Keep your Kitchen from Becoming Steamy

    If there is one thing that commercial dishwashers put out, it’s condensation. Dishes need hot water to get clean. Tack on booster heaters and their constant running and you’ve got a moisture problem that can easily lead to a big mold problem.

    Too much moisture in the kitchen can cause equipment to corrode, or even damage the building. It’s also an invitation for mold to develop. To get rid of the extra condensation, there are a number of methods. Some dishwashers vent into existing HVAC ducts, but there is another way. A condensate hood.

    Condensate hoods sit above dishwashers and collect the steam condensation from a dishwasher. A fan system sucks up the steam into the unit. Special baffles collect the water and drain it outside to a standard gutter. Condensate hoods require much less work to install than installing dedicated vents.

    The major difference between hoods is their size. You need a condensate hood that is large enough to capture the amount of steam you’re generating. Your dishwasher supplier should be able to tell you how large of a condensate hood you need to keep your kitchen free from steam and mold.

    To see our range of condensate hoods, click on this link.

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  9. All the Tools a Chef Needs

    All the Tools a Chef Needs

    There are some people out there who view cooking as a symphony, that they are the conductor and that every night they put on a performance for all to see.  The cooking symphony is not complete without the tools of the trade, however.  Those tools might include a Garland 2-burner Modular Top 36-Inch Gas Range with 24” Griddle.

    This modular range gives chefs the freedom to cook what they want, making their own masterpieces.  That sauce recipe, perfected over countless hours of testing can come to fruition with the perfect grill under the saucepan.  The griddle gives a little extra added push toward that symphonic perfection because there are some things that just don’t work on any other surface.

    Resting atop that range might be a set of copper cookware.  The chef knows that there’s so many advantages of copper cookware, not the least of which is the fact that it conducts heat so beautifully.  It transforms raw heat into masterpiece in the nick of time, allowing the chef to push the boundaries of the culinary world.  The best conductors need the best players, after all.

    With those saucepans, sauté pans, and the perfect gas range underneath, who could forget the set of tasting spoons tucked within the pocket of the chef’s uniform?  That quick taste brings it all to the table.  Perfection, a masterpiece from the chef’s symphony.  What is your idea of the perfect chef’s symphony?  Tell us in the comments.

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  10. Which Foods make you Happier?

    Which Foods make you Happier?

    No one likes it when a cook or a diner is unhappy, but there may be a way to use food to lower stress levels. The Huffington Post wrote an article about six foods that can make you happier. Do they work? Let’s see what they thought:

    Probiotic foods

    Scientists are discovering that the bacteria in your gut can actually have a profound effect on your mood. The right probiotic food can actually lower aggressive thoughts and obsessive thinking. The best way to eat more probiotic foods is to eat healthy fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, and kefir.

    Fruits and vegetables

    The old standbys for healthy eating. It’s no wonder they help with mood as well. Researchers found that eating more fruits and vegetables brings more energy, calm, and a greater sense of happiness, especially if you eat seven or more servings a day. Perhaps we really need all those vitamins!


    While some may not like the bitter, we all know people who are just plain grumpy until they’ve had their first cup. Regular moderate consumption of coffee gave people higher energy levels, and it made them more kind and happy as well. People who drink 2-3 cups of coffee per day are 15% less likely to develop depression.

    Dark chocolate

    You may know of theobromine, which gives people a chocolate high, but the magnesium may be even more important for regulating mood. People who ate an ounce and a half of dark chocolate daily for two weeks had a much lower level of stress hormones.


    Mushrooms are a way to get nutrients that are very hard to get otherwise. Mushrooms are a natural source of vitamin D, which we normally get through sunlight exposure on our skin. They also have many of the trace minerals we need. People with low levels of selenium (a trace mineral) are at risk for depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

    Green Tea

    Finally, drinking a lot of green tea can have a significant effect on mood. A Japanese study showed that people who drank five cups a day had 20% lower levels of psychological stress than those who drank less than one, even when controlling other factors.

    What does this mean for your restaurant? Sautee more vegetables, put dark chocolate on the menu, and push those mushroom dishes. Your diners will be happier for it.

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