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An Eating Contest with an Unusual Reward

Let’s talk about the appreciation of food and eating contests. Up until now, putting your hat into the ring for an eating contest has won gift certificates, your name on the wall, t-shirts, and other prizes. Now, there’s something being offered by Don Chingon that nobody else offers: a stake in the restaurant.

Yes, the tortilla for this most likely has to be cooked on a huge commercial countertop griddle, but this eating challenge is no ordinary challenge – as it’s no ordinary prize. 10% of the restaurant is no laughing matter, but then again, a 30 POUND burrito isn’t one either.

30 pounds. 1 hour. Just to state the obvious, you’re talking a pound every 2 minutes, which is absolutely, completely absurd. It’s got steak, chicken, pork, rice, beans, salsa, and a ghost pepper margarita to top it off. Where most people can only eat 2 pounds in a sitting, this is two pounds in 4 minutes.

The owner of the restaurant expects only the most competitive eaters to enter and win this stake in the restaurant on their own. If you’re part of a small group, of course, you can win prizes and cash for the effort. It means a lot of leftovers for the person who doesn’t complete the challenge, that’s for sure.

“What they’ve done is take the challenge to an absurd level, and it’s funny,” says George Shea, a partner in the International Federation of Competitive Eating.

What’s on your plate? What has your restaurant done to take eating to a crazy, beautiful level?

2015-10-16 00:00:00
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