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All the Little Details

Stainless Steel Equipment in Empty Kitchen

Opening a new restaurant? Congratulations. We hope you're shopping for the best equipment with the best prices with us. You have so many decisions to make, and we hope this handy check list will help you get everything you need prior to the big day, without a stressful experience:

Big Equipment: do research into every single piece of equipment that you buy. Make sure the sizes match the sizes of your build out (there's a big difference between a 48 and a 52 inch cooler if you only have space for 48 inches). Look into energy efficient designs that will save you money in the long run. Shop our full collection for the best deals and prices!

Little equipment: chefs knives, dishes, plates, forks, soap dispensers, brooms, mops, paper towels. The list is virtually endless. Get organized with a spreadsheet so that you can check items off if you purchase them. And take advantage of the end of the year - and the end of tax season - to purchase as much as possible before January 1! It's all business expense and a write off for you.

Front of house details: decor and design are the finishing touches on your big project. Take time to research and develop a decoration scheme which complements your brand, identity, and theme. From succulents to candles, the small accents are the final touches to create a perfect look.

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