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All About Kohlrabi

One of the side effects of writing about the best restaurant supplies in the world is the chance to read about all the happenings in the food world. We were thinking about one of the places where chefs really like to spread their wings: experimenting with food that has either a bad rep or that nobody really knows about. That brings us to the article in The Kitchn about kohlrabi.

These types of articles are incredibly inspiring, as they bring new and odd ingredients to the fore. The kohlrabi has a number of benefits, better elaborated in the Kitchn article, but we’ll talk a little about them right here.

The first is that kohlrabi don’t have to be peeled. You can treat it like a carrot in this respect, where you just wash it off and eat it the way that it was meant to be eaten. These are the types of things where smaller is better, but you can still nibble.

Now, it’s worth experimenting with the entirety of the plant, as you can eat the greens and the bulb. They seem like they would go well in the huge stew pot with some carrots and other root vegetables. Maybe, just maybe you want them deep fried.

Experiment and let us know what you think!

2015-07-14 00:00:00
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