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Advantages of Using Frozen Food

March is National Frozen Food Month, which means that it’s time to stock your commercial freezer with all types of goodies from peas to corn to mixed vegetables.  Yes, some foods don't freeze well, but many times bad meals from frozen food are because they weren't brought up to temperature correctly.  What can you do with a good freezer?

Take advantage of sales

If you’ve got room in your freezer, you can take advantage of sales that your food supplier might be offering. Take advantage of them, put the food into the freezer, and don’t forget to date it!

Get food out of season

Every veggie has a season where it is the most delicious and the cheapest, but you might want to serve it throughout the whole year in your restaurant.  With freezing, you can get food that you normally wouldn’t be able to get locally.

Non-local food

Freezing your food in a commercial freezer can allow for you to get something which isn’t local shipped in.  As long as you keep it frozen, it will be okay.

Frozen foods are fresher

Most bagged frozen foods are frozen very soon after they’ve been picked.  This means that the nutrients and the minerals are still packed inside and that the wilting process has stopped.

No Additives

Your bag of frozen veggies doesn’t have any additives.  It’s just peas or it’s just corn, so you don’t have to worry about those things that you can’t pronounce ending up in your commercial freezer.

Whether you’re freezing food after it’s been created or shipping in bags of frozen food to your restaurant, freezing makes an excellent option for food preservation.  See what you can stock in your freezer today!

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