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Advantages of Vacuum Packing Machines

Meat, veggies, and fruits start going bad from the moment that they are picked or processed. There’s only so long that they stay alive, and that shelf life is something critical to pay attention to when you’re planning meals for the week. You can prolong that life by using a Berkel vacuum pack machine.

The vacuum pack machine allows you to take advantage of those sales and special deals that your suppliers might offer you. You may, for example, get a killer deal on kiwi, and have something in mind, but it’s going to take a few minutes to get around to – enter the vacuum packing.

What about the sauce that you want to stow away for another day? The 350D seal bar vacuum packer can do the trick. It’s made to keep the bacteria out and the freshness in. This is what chefs have been waiting for – something that keeps the food tasting fresh.

The chamber and outside are easy to clean, the machine is easy to program, too. What about developing an additional revenue stream? How many times have you been asked if they can have the recipe for your sauce? This piece of equipment has so much potential in your kitchen.

2016-03-16 00:00:00
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