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Adding Summer Drinks to Your Menu

The usual, popular drinks on your menu should stay there year-round, but it’s worth considering adding summer drinks to bolster your menu—and not all of these extra drinks need to be alcoholic. Infusing fruit with waters, teas, and alcoholic drinks are a great way to add a tasty twist to your drink menu. 

 Homemade Waters

Homemade waters are very easy to create and are a popular way for people to quench their summer thirst and keep hydrated. Infusing cold, fresh water with mint, strawberry, lemon, etc., makes for a great drink and something that you can tempt your customers with as free, welcome drinks when they first arrive at your establishment.


 We’ve all enjoyed a classic glass of sangria, especially on a warm day to cool us down. You can add fruits and herbs to your sangria to make it unique to your restaurant and provide a tasty treat for your customers.


Healthy dining experiences have become quite popular and people are always searching for ways to cut calories. Non-alcoholic drinks can cut the calories from your meal and still allow you to get the flavor and taste you would get with an alcoholic drink. Highlighting the nutritional value of your mocktails will draw in plenty of health-conscious people looking to cool down.

Creating seasonal drinks generates buzz around your restaurant and draws in people looking to enjoy something different. People are always searching for new drinks to try and seasonal drinks are sure to keep current customers coming back and allow potential customers a reason to try your restaurant

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