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Adding Fall Flair to your Marketing Strategy

Taking advantage of fall trends and holidays, and incorporating them into your marketing efforts is a great way rein people in and keep them interested in your restaurant. Most people love fall, so if you live in an area that experiences all 4 seasons, you should make the most of it!  

Holiday Marketing

The beginning of fall means Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are coming and because these are the biggest holidays, it’s so easy to do special things centered on these holidays. Specifically for Halloween, you can hold a costume contest each week leading up to the big day and give out a gift card or some type of reward for the winner. You can also have sales that correspond with Cyber Monday and Christmas discounts. People love a good sale during the holidays and will be sure to get involved with anything that allows them to spend less money!

Seasonal Content

Those generic posts that you put out on your social media every so often can be transformed to fit the fall theme. Create content that is personal, shareable, and goes with the theme of colder weather. You can create content about your chef's’ favorite “Fall Recipes” or something similar to get your customers excited.  

Fall Themed Events

Throw a fall-themed event (wine tasting, harvest party, etc)! This not only gets your customers excited for fall, but gets them excited to visit your restaurant and actually gets them to come out and generates foot traffic through your restaurant. You can offer special drinks and food, and maybe even go a step further and use fresh produce that’s popular in the fall, like apples and pumpkins! 

Smart marketers take advantage of what’s going on around them to stay relevant, so as we say hello to fall, think about capitalizing on some of the key themes of fall to draw in customers!

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