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Add Flair to Your Restaurant with Entertainment

    If you’re having trouble driving new customers to your restaurant, you may want to consider adding some flair to the menu via entertainment specials. In the age of Groupon and entertainment deals, adding a little something to weeknights at your restaurant can draw in a new crowd. This week on the blog, we’ll dive into a few ways that you can add some spice to a night out.

    If your restaurant features a large bar, consider hiring a flair bartender. Hiring a flair bartender will add some spice and give your customers a night to remember. This type of bartending is usually only seen at private parties and promotional events, so adding it to the roster at your restaurant will create some publicity and bring in a crowd. Entertain your guests with fire breathing, juggling, or bartending tricks for a night they won’t forget.

    Another way that you can add flair to your restaurant is by showcasing a local artist. Promoting a local artist will not only add some artwork to the restaurant but you will also be supporting your local community. You can set up commission sales with the artist, and feature a new artist every month to gain traction.

    If the area that you live in has a big craft beer scene, consider hosting a craft beer night. There are craft beer aficionados in most cities who will appreciate a night out with some great local beer. You can offer a special price on tasting flights and create an appetizer menu to pair with each beer. We recommend choosing a slower night of the week to host these nights to increase your overall revenue and capitalize on empty space.

    There are many different creative and unique ways that you can add something special to your restaurant. The most important piece in the decision of what you should add is making sure that whatever event you add fits with your restaurant’s overall theme. In order to maintain cohesiveness, make sure that you are taking into account your clientele and the ambience that your restaurant provides.

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