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Ace Your Next Inspection

Restaurant inspection time can be very stressful for employees and restaurant owners alike. Taking the time in advance to ensure an inspection goes well can be difficult, but we highly recommend it. Not only will it reduce your anxiety when inspection day comes, but it will ensure that in the future, you never fail an inspection again.

Basic Food Sanitation

While everyone is aware of this, sometimes things can slide to the back burner when the restaurant gets busy, or when employees aren’t checking loose ends. Get back to basics and check out the list below to make sure that your food sanitation measures are up to par.

  • Store food for the proper amount of time and at proper temperatures

  • Correct cleaning and sanitizing of all utensils, equipment, and food contact surfaces

  • Proper employee personal hygiene and frequent washing of hands and arms, including covering any flesh wounds

  • Suitable basic cleaning and maintenance

While most restaurants have an organized daily checklist for these procedures, going back to the drawing board and making sure that you have all areas covered is definitely worth it.

Employee Personal Hygiene

In the weeks or months leading up to the inspection, it’s worth it to sit down with your employees and revisit the employee handbook for proper hygiene procedures at work.

The majority of foodborne illnesses are caused by bacteria or other microorganisms that are passed by those who work with food. All processes in food service can potentially impact food safety, such as purchasing, storing, preparing, serving, and cleaning.

Is Your Sanitizer Up to the Task?

Likely, you’ve been using the same trusted brand for years. Make sure that the sanitizer you’re using is listed with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Read the label to make sure the product is effective against the bacteria you want to destroy. It is also important the sanitizer is appropriate for the food equipment you plan to sanitize. Make sure all of your employees are trained in the use of the sanitizer. It is even worth it to re-train employees that have been with your restaurant leading up to the inspection on proper sanitization techniques.

In conclusion, don’t let the inspection be a source of stress! Go back to the drawing board, revisit the manual, and make sure that you and your employees are educated on and using the latest sanitation techniques and you will have nothing to worry about.

2018-04-05 21:13:32
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