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A Surprise at the Chinese Buffet

There are a few buffets in the town next door: 2 Chinese and 1 American. Yesterday, we went to the Chinese one that we rarely go to. They had redecorated by putting in new benches, and they’d also put in a new Scotsman ice machine.

There it was, just as pretty as you please, a Scotsman C0330MA-1 Prodigy ice machine, sitting atop a huge bin near the table where customers could come by and get their drinks. The employees of the restaurant would keep the drink machine filled by just pouring an ice bucket from the bin.

A good choice, we think, for the buffet ice machine. The full cubes are crunchable for the customers and keep the drinks colder for a longer period of time. While we’re personally fond of the nugget ice, the full-size definitely gets the job done.

We could see that all of the indicator lights were saying that the machine was normal and on track, delivering ice at its steady rate of 400 pounds every 24 hours. And, we knew that the scale buildup would be removed because of the WaterSense technology that’s inside the machinery itself.

We sat near the ice machine – everyone was happy and getting their food, drinking this buffet’s fantastic tea.

2016-01-19 00:00:00
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