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A Summer of Shellfish - locally sourced when possible!

oyster shucking

Chefs and owners alike can meet their guests’ demands for having fresh, healthy, and natural products. It is important to showcase that like all types of seafood, shellfish can be part of a healthy and balanced diet. Shellfish products are low in fat and typically have less than 1gm of fat per serving and very little of the fat they contain is saturated fat. Most types of shellfish (expect for shrimp) are also low in cholesterol.

When sourcing locally owners will not only assist their community’s economy but, also supply their customers with some of the freshest food available to them. Local shellfish companies such as CT Shellfish, CT Farm Fresh Express and Atlantic Seafood produce the highest-quality, freshest, and most delicious seafood the ocean has to offer. They are proud to be able serve their clients with products that will never find a drop of artificial color, pesticides, preservatives, or growth hormones. Consumers can make healthy and sustainable food choices by choosing fish that is sourced sustainably and low in mercury.

By creating menu items that are prepared by limiting or avoiding unhealthy toppings, like butter or breadcrumbs, and by choosing to steam or broil instead of frying it, shellfish can be a low-fat, low-cholesterol, heart-healthy choice. Shellfish can also provide a rich source of protein that allows guests to enjoy a truly indulgent meal without breaking their diet.

So yes, sourcing locally may seem a bit scary, especially when thinking ahead about the product availability and consistency, but the positives surely outweigh any possible fear when sourcing shellfish through your communities’ local fisheries. Take the time to sit down with local vendors who do a wonderful job making sure that you are able to sell the freshest shellfish. Take the time to talk to your local fishermen to hear what they have to say about their catches and see how sourcing from them help them and their families.

Source Local, sell local, be a vibrant community.

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