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A Lucky Find for an Oyster Diner

Oysters are one of the most loved of all shellfish. Certain parts of the country are famous for their oyster dishes. They are also the source of pearls, which are created when a foreign substance gets inside of an oyster. Occasionally a lucky diner does get one in their big bucket of tasty shellfish. Most of the time they aren’t gem quality, but it’s still an interesting find.

But one oyster regular at Puckett’s Restaurant in Nashville got an unexpected surprise. When she opened her oyster she didn’t find just one or two pearls. She found 50! This is an astonishing number of pearls to find in one oyster. Guess the poor guy must have lived in a very dirty environment to get so many built up in there. That must have been quite a surprise when she stuck in her oyster knife.

No word has been mentioned about their value or whether the lucky diner will sell them. It’s actually pretty rare for a pearl to be of gem quality. It’s not just a matter of size but also a matter of color. Many pearls are too dark to make good quality gem pearls.

Makes you wonder how many pearls professional oyster shuckers in restaurants find with their knives each year!


2015-04-09 00:00:00
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