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5 Glassware Sanitation Tips

The restaurant business is dangerous.  After all, it’s one of the few sanctioned ways to play with fire and take out your aggressions while still creating something beautiful. Knives also come to mind as a danger point. Glass not so much, but there are hidden hazards with glass. Here are some suggestions on how to keep you and your patrons safe with glassware.

  1. Make sure that you keep glasses separate from each other, as it can produce unwanted scratches. To you it might be just a wine glass or just a beer glass, but your patron is evaluating it as part of the experience. Also, scratched glasses are weaker.
  2. Stacking up your glasses is a no-no. With each glass that you stack, you increase the chance of the stack falling over.  If you’ve got high volumes of glasses, it’s easier to store them in racks. Stacking also increases scratching.
  3. Don’t use glass to scoop ice.  We’ve seen this happen in a few restaurants.  There’s a chance of breakage into the ice, which means that you’d have to get rid of the entire bin – potentially the loss of hundreds of pounds of ice.
  4. If the glass does break, wear protective gloves.  Tiny shards of glass are no fun to mess with.
  5. Keep the glasses warm if you’re pouring the hot beverages into them.  The sudden change in temperature can break glassware.

The glassware that you have in your restaurant can be absolutely average, or it can stand out and above all the rest.  These safety tips will help you keep that astounding glassware longer.

2014-12-17 00:00:00
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