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5 Crazy Uses For Your Empura Deep Fryer

Having an Empura deep fryer on hand opens up the possibilities for a world of culinary delights.  If you can get batter around it, then you can deep fry it, right?  We’ve gathered together a list of some of the oddest deep-fried delights for your eating pleasure.

State fairs are the best places that you can go to find people who are pushing the boundaries in deep-fried fare.

  1. Deep fried butter can be found at the State Fair of Texas.  Who would have thought that you could take butter, wrap it with a breading and deep fry it?
  2. Deep fried beer

If you can package the liquid, you can put it into the deep fryer.  While that’s most likely not the motto of the people who run State Fairs, it certainly should be.

  1. Deep fried samoas

Take your traditional Girl Scout cookies and then rev it up a notch by tossing them into the deep fryer.  There’s nothing that supports the campaign to expand your waistline better than adding hundreds of calories to an already decadent treat.

  1. Deep fried picnic on a stick

This wouldn’t have been so bad had there not been some double dipping on the chicken. This treat combines fried chicken, tater tots, and pickles on a skewer.  Then they’re breaded and deep fried.

  1. Deep fried scorpion

Yes, scorpions. People are flocking to these in the Arizona state fair. Wonderful scorpions are taken and deep fried to absolute perfection in an Empura deep fryer, if you’re brave enough.

If you’ve got some fair food to share or are thinking about putting some of these wonderful meals in your restaurant, we’d love to know about it.  Tell us about your Empura deep fryer adventures.

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