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5 Components of Every Great Soup

If you’ve got water, a stock pot, and something to put in the water, you’ve got soup.  Soup has been around ever since the primeval cooks learned how to use fire to boil water.  You can make a soup out of anything you please, from fruit to fish, bacon, and even tripe.

Nearly every family in the world has the recipe for great soup.  There are restaurants in nearly every major city devoted to soup from one culture or another.  Soups can be appetizers, entrees, or desserts.

There are over 2500 recipes for soup at

What do you need for a good soup?

A solid stock pot

Having a solid stockpot on your side makes for a great soup.  Most soups, especially the meat based soups, need to simmer on the burner for a long time to let the flavors of that perfect combination of spices come out.

A ladle

Yes, it may be a no-brainer, but there are some places which don’t have the right ladles on hand for their soups.  We prefer the longer style with a good scoop at the end, but there are others which are flatter, more suited for saucy style soups.

Fresh vegetables

There are a lot of you out there who will probably dispute us, but fresh vegetables are needed for soup.  Now, the vegetables don’t have to be pretty since they’re going to be boiled, but they have to be fresh enough to get the flavors out of them.

Fresh meats

Again, they don’t have to be pretty, but they have to be fresh enough and considered good.  After all, you don’t want those enjoying the soup to get a little ill from eating it. Soup is supposed to be restorative.

Fresh Water

Having fresh, filtered water is the best for your soup so you can make a wonderfully flavorful broth.  It’s perfectly fine to have dried spices on a lot of these soups, but the water can’t taste awful because that’s the foundation.

Yes, we’re in love with soups here at Restaurant Supply, and welcome you to share your soup recipes with us.

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