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4 Uses for Your Baker's Pride Salamander

The Baker’s Pride Salamander caramelizes, broils, browns, melts, and heats anything that you put within it up to amazing temperatures.  The salamander is the go-to tool of toasting chefs everywhere. Insert your hot lizard jokes here!

How you can use the salamander

Toasting sandwiches

Some members of our staff are madly in love with toasted ham and swiss sandwiches on crusty French bread.  To get that light toasting and the cheese melted, it only takes a little time in the Salamander to get it just right.

Quick and easy quesadillas

Purists might say that quesadillas should only be cooked on the griddle, but we know for a fact that they can be crafted inside the Salamander.


There’s nothing like a good slice of pizza when you’re having a lazy sort of day.  The Salamander can take your pizza and give the cheese an almost unnatural goodness while still keeping the crush fresh and delightful.  While we’d never suggest the ‘in the box’ pizza for your restaurant, it might be great for something off the clock and casual.

Grilling steaks

All the wonders and delights of grilled and broiled steak without the hassle of getting flames and smoke all over everywhere.  Put your steak into the Baker’s Pride Salamander and watch it go to town.  Now, we know that it’s hard to screw up good old fashioned meat, but try Salamanders; they make the steaks interesting.

There are so many things that you can use the Salamander for in your commercial kitchen.  If you don’t have one, or your use it simply as a cheesemelter, you’re missing out on the wide range of goodies that can be subject to the lizard’s flame.

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